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Worst Gameplay Mechanic?

Ice 7 7.53%
UnderWater 13 13.98%
Escorts 24 25.81%
Quick Time Events 23 24.73%
Count Down Timers 4 4.30%
Tacked on Motion Controls... 9 9.68%
Other (Specify) 5 5.38%
I Love All Gameplay Mechanics Equally. 8 8.60%

quick time event sucks.
seems you are not playing, just controling the flow of a video.

i like ice and water.

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Caves, I hate puzzle caves.

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jonathanalis said:
quick time event sucks.
seems you are not playing, just controling the flow of a video.

i like ice and water.

QTE don't have to be bad.   heavy rain built the entire game around QTEs and i loved that game.  having just finished puppeteer that game used QTEs for all of the boss fights and it was fine.

The "bad" QTEs, imo, are the unexpected QTEs.  Here I am playing 3rd person shooter IV just walking along doing my thing when out of no where a GIANT rock falls from above and if it don't hit X or A within the next 1 second i'll be crushed into oblivion.   yeah, that's a big fuck you moment in games.  but when regular and expected like in puppeteer (it was every boss fight and the first button press was always really long acting as sort of an acknoledgement that i'm really for the QTE) it can be fine.

but yes, it's typically abused. 

To me, the ability to change difficulty level in games, is the worst gameplay mechanic. I see no logic in having Hard, Medium and Easy versions of the same game. Virtualy all games should have a progressive difficulty level based on the vision the developer has for the game.

Water Levels.

Water levels always seem to be the most frustrating in any game.

The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. The even harder Jabu Jabu's Belly from Ocarina of Time. The yet even harder Water Temple in Majora's Mask.

Every water level in Mario 2D platformers.

Jolly Roger Bay and Dire Dire Docks in Mario 64.

The water world in Kirby 64.

Hell, even the Water routes in Pokemon games (There's probably a reason Water routes have been getting less and less present in each new region.

Water's unique properties usually mean that a water level is going to be incredibly frustrating and involving you being unable to use items/powerups, or redirecting water flow, or changing water levels, or swimming, with air running out, or walking more slowly, or just tonnes of other gameplay mechanics from hell.


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QTEs are so damn awesome.. Just look at how nicely they were used in Resident Evil 6......JK.. QTEs suck big time.

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QTE's can be very annoying

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Sherbet land! Awesome.

I have to go with QTE's. I often am so focused on just inserting the combination that i have no idea what's actually going on on screen.

I don't necessarily think there's a 'worst gameplay mechanic ever', there's simply the worst implementation/use of a type of gameplay. It entirely depends on the game, how it's employed and so on.

It has to be escorts.
Why have the most feeble and dumbed down npc as the one who needs escorting?
And why do they always move at a pace which is too fast for walking but too slow for running?

It makes for a really uncomfortable and frustrating gaming experience.

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