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xenophon13 said:
MDManiac: thats actually not a bad idea, although who nows how long it will be around

thats a bad idea he should get an 80 gig ps3 so he can play all things for the next 5 years

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Dno said: thats a bad idea he should get an 80 gig ps3 so he can play all things for the next 5 years

C'mon, be more pragmatic! Grabbing PS2 bundle now for $99 and playing its huge library for three or four years long, then getting HDTV along with discounted PS3/whatever is so cheap and dirty, it's obvious choice. Just think of someone who neither has played PS2 before nor willing to invest into HD experience at the moment.

Do not push your own youth impulses into the inquirer.

MDMAniac - It doesn't matter if he buys a Ps2 for 99 now and then a Ps3 for 300 later. He would be spending the same amount. It also seems to me like he wants to step into the next generation also. With a 20/60/80gig he can have an HD console and an old gen console with thousands of games. It seems to me like XBL(which really sounds like the only plus people are saying who are promoting the 360) he doesn't really want to pay for, but with a Ps3 he still at least HAS the option IF he ever feels like jumping online. If he doesn't have broadband he can use is Wi-fi on the 60/80gig to try to steal a neighbors. He also is saying he doesn't care about blu-ray because he doesn't have HDTv. Who knows though maybe in a year or two his parents or himself will step into the HDTv's. That will make the Ps3 and his gaming/movie watching experience THAT much better.

If it is about the games Ps2+Ps3 > 360 hands down. If it's about features they both have their pluses but you have to pay for 360's. If it's about building for a new home entertainment center 360 has nothing compared to Ps3.

Note to OP - don't listen to Zeldaspimp. He doesn't know what he is talking about. He even said he still has dial up so you can't take what he says about 360's or Ps3's online as fact. It's obviously a fanboy rant. They are also breaking even on each Ps3. Not loosing 900 dollars.... man I'd hate to think what would have happened to the Ps3 if they lost 900 dollars on each console while selling them at 600... that would mean each console = 1500 to make... NO

Man I made a whole list of Ps3 exclusive titles but the crappy OS MS made pooped out on me. Sigh here I go again.


20/60/80 gigs have BC which play the thousands and thousands of Ps1 and Ps2 classics and great games.

Various sports games like NBA and MLB the show.

Formula One - Racing game


Resistance: FoM - Sci-fi FPS alternate history. Great Multiplayer

Untold Legends - Action RPG

Everybody's Golf 5

Eye of Judgement - Virtual Card game (Like pokemon)

Folklore - Adventure, only hear good things about it

Heavenly Sword - Hack n Slash

Lair - Review scores were low but i've heard alot of people liking it and saying the score was unjustified.

Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD - Take Crash Bandicoot and Spyro combined them and its still 10x better than that.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Tomb Raider? Niegh it's much better.

Warhawk - Multiplayer. Great fun

Full Auto 2 - Twisted Metal racing game.

Mobile Suite Gundam - Mech type game

Ridge Racer - Racing

Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge - Gran Turismo Sneak Peek

Various PSN downloadables

MotorStorm - Off road racing with explosions has Semis, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Buggy's, and others going Head to head.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Tekken 6 - fighting

As of right now they also have Unreal 3 360 hasn't given it permission to release on its console yet. They do have it working on the console though.


Bioshoc... Nope thats on PC

Gears of... damn also on PC

Halo 3 - Is that PC yet? I know 1 and 2 were why not 3

Crack Down

Viva Pinata - Lol if you like rainbows this game is for you.

Saints Row - Ghetto rip off of GTA

Shadow Run - Crappy multiplayer with orcs and trolls with guns

Dead Raising - Zombie game that gets old in 30 minutes.


Pefect Dark

Mass Effect


Ace Combat

Blue Dragon

Lost Odyssey

iclim4 said:
Guys I dont think he's willing to pay extra for XBL.
If he was I would think he would have mentioned it already, yet he specifically said he cant pay for XBL. You shouldnt recommend the Xbox360 then force him to pay extra for XBL. Remember you have to pay yearly for XBL even if he somehow gets lucky and found a way to pay for a Gold subscription this year, He will have to pay for it again next year, and so on.
you should atleast look for what's best for ministaff instead of pushing your own favorite, he had enough trust to ask for our opinion, lets not lose it.
Though I guess If ministaff isnt big on multiplayer, then its a different story.

foecheezee1 said:
Don't get me wrong. I play the shit out of my ps3 as well, but when it comes to sports or fps, 360. Now the people with a ps3 or a wii will tell you ps3 strictly because they hate 360 (probably never even picked up a 360 controller). PS3 owners will say that because they hate the 360,Wii owners will say that because they'd rather see people buy a PS3 than a 360.
Fact is, based on what you like (games wise) i'd go with xbox w/xbl. If you'll never pick up xbl then get a PS3. Even if you decide that you want a ps3 for the blu-ray (Hoo-ray HD DVD is dead), there's 1 problem, the 360's coming out with their stand alone (according to them, affordible) blu-ray player.

Your attempt to discredit other people's recommendations that are against yours' is pathetic. Your reasoning alone is absurd, not everyone is against the Xbox360, you sound paranoid.

Against mine?! I said he should buy a PS3 if he didn't have enough for xbl and if he did, 360 would be his best bet! So wtf are you talking about? It sounds to me that I was telling him both are fine, but if I had to choose I would choose the 360.

I "discredited" the one's that were all about, get the PS3, the 360 sucks! Not to sound like the fakies, but my PS3 library is slightly bigger than my 360's. It's the sports titles that my 360 excels in. Next time read a little slower, I think you skipped through the meaning.


don't lep people decide for you. Get what you feel is right. Get the one that satifies your needs.

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lemieux-rules66 said:
don't lep people decide for you. Get what you feel is right. Get the one that satifies your needs.

 Well he did ask us which one we think he should get.

hunter_alien said:
Well from this point on I would say the PS3 has a much brighter future than the 360 . Also , the PS3 doubles as a BRD player and has free online so that should make your deccision easier to :)

are you kidding? Gears of war 2 was just anounced, ps3 has like 3 good exclusive games out so far, 360>Ps3.

and Ps2>ps3 


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HeroeDeLeyenda said:
After reading all the posts above me i have no doubt this site is like 60% Ps3 supporters 20% xbox360 supporters and 20% Wii supporters

Actually I would say 60% Wii, 25% PS3 and 15% 360.  You should look at all the other posts.



you already own a wii so 360 i have never played it but its better than a ps3 which i have never played.

^^^excellent advice. just make a blind recommendation based on no reasoning or experience whatsoever. Great idea when considering buying a $350-$500 item.


Not trying to be a fanboy. Of course, it's hard when you own the best console eve... dang it