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foecheezee1 said:
iclim4 said:
Guys I dont think he's willing to pay extra for XBL.
If he was I would think he would have mentioned it already, yet he specifically said he cant pay for XBL. You shouldnt recommend the Xbox360 then force him to pay extra for XBL. Remember you have to pay yearly for XBL even if he somehow gets lucky and found a way to pay for a Gold subscription this year, He will have to pay for it again next year, and so on.
you should atleast look for what's best for ministaff instead of pushing your own favorite, he had enough trust to ask for our opinion, lets not lose it.
Though I guess If ministaff isnt big on multiplayer, then its a different story.

foecheezee1 said:
Don't get me wrong. I play the shit out of my ps3 as well, but when it comes to sports or fps, 360. Now the people with a ps3 or a wii will tell you ps3 strictly because they hate 360 (probably never even picked up a 360 controller). PS3 owners will say that because they hate the 360,Wii owners will say that because they'd rather see people buy a PS3 than a 360.
Fact is, based on what you like (games wise) i'd go with xbox w/xbl. If you'll never pick up xbl then get a PS3. Even if you decide that you want a ps3 for the blu-ray (Hoo-ray HD DVD is dead), there's 1 problem, the 360's coming out with their stand alone (according to them, affordible) blu-ray player.

Your attempt to discredit other people's recommendations that are against yours' is pathetic. Your reasoning alone is absurd, not everyone is against the Xbox360, you sound paranoid.

Against mine?! I said he should buy a PS3 if he didn't have enough for xbl and if he did, 360 would be his best bet! So wtf are you talking about? It sounds to me that I was telling him both are fine, but if I had to choose I would choose the 360.

I "discredited" the one's that were all about, get the PS3, the 360 sucks! Not to sound like the fakies, but my PS3 library is slightly bigger than my 360's. It's the sports titles that my 360 excels in. Next time read a little slower, I think you skipped through the meaning.

you "discredited the ones that were all about, get the ps3,the 360 sucks"? yeah, you might want to read over your post again.

"Now the people with a ps3 or a wii will tell you ps3 strictly because they hate 360 (probably never even picked up a 360 controller). PS3 owners will say that because they hate the 360,Wii owners will say that because they'd rather see people buy a PS3 than a 360. "

yeah, that sounds like youre talking about every PS3 and Wii owner.

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Buy a PS3 if you want to play a few good exclusives out this year: MGS4, Resistance 2 and GT5. PS3 primary function is to play Blu Ray Discs and browse the internet.
Buy a X360 if you want to play the best games available and the better multiplatform titles. Only drawback is the Red Ring of Death that results in a 16% failure rate on hardware, but there is now a three year warranty.
The choice is yours.

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Based on what I have seen (you can't pay for online cause you are young), go with the PS3. You can always use it as a Blu-Ray player 3-5 years down the road too. By then even your parents might want one.

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If you want to play games, pick the 360, but if you want to participate in second life....errrr...home, then pick the PS3. Think about'll be able to basically do things in the game like in second life...all of this for free. I'm wondering if sony is going to start letting people play all their online games like Everquest and Planetside for free...wait a anybody still playing those games? Maybe Sony can tie it in, so that PS3 owners can play those games for free as

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I say get a PS3. It has built in wifi and you can play online for free. If money is of little concern for whoever is buying this for you, I would recommend getting the 80GB or 60GB PS3 (if you can find it). You will have a huge library of PS2 games which you can get cheap, a decent selection of PS3 games, and what should be a good upcoming year of PS3 games.

I'd say it depends on the type of games you like an whether or not you have a gaming PC. If you have a gaming PC the PS3 is an easy choice since, you can just get a lot of the big games on PC. If not, the 360 is a lot cheaper than buying a new, gaming level PC.

For game types, being a western console, the 360 has a heavy lean towards western games. It's often labeled as an FPS console and such, but this is really unfair. It has a good variety of genres, but the majority of games come from western developers and western games in many genres are distinctly different from Japanese games. And that's different, not better/worse. So if you tend to like western games better, the 360 is probably the best choice. Throughout its life it's likely to continue getting a lot of exclusive and PC/360 (MS exclusive) games from western developers.

The PS3 on the other hand has a wider variety (though fewer games right now) since it has more support from Japan. It has plenty of support from western developers as well, but not as much as the 360. If you favor Japanese games and don't play many western games, the PS3 is definitely the way to go.

Overall the 360 really has a much better library now, but that's at least in part due to it being on the market a year longer and the PS3 will close the gap at least somewhat eventually. If you like western games(especially FPS and action games) and don't have a gaming PC, get a 360. If you like a mix or prefer Japanese games the PS3 is probably the better bet. However, being a year behind, the PS3 library is still a bit slim.