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Forums - General Discussion - Who's the Most attractive VG Chartz Member?

Calling all cam-whores to post pics..

"You won't find Adobe here in Nairobi"


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Umm... hello Art! Not me? You were MY valentine!

no one uses thier real avatar... it's hard to say

dose anyone think I'm hot i feel left out.

Nintendo Network ID: Sherlock99

Brianna and Lolita are the only attractive members on this site. and they will become gorgeous women eventually.

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I am cause I'm also new! A breath of fresh air!...well idk any females on the site so yea (or anyone else for that matter, hehe) I'll just agree with everyone elses choices : ) haha JK, just wanted to say hey to all! : )

oh yea, and for some reason the site wont let me upload any photos, I just get an error page. anyone have any idea why?

Hahaha ... everyone just loves my sexy 3-D specs and the tie - you know you want me ...

is that actrally you?

TheSource said:

I'm probably going to get a picture soon, I need one for when I study abroad next semester. Have to find someone with a digital camera though.

Should be fun. My afro is pretty awesome right now.


TheSource! I've always pictured you as the wise looking chinese man in your avater! You've just shattered everything now by saying you have an afro. I will never be able to read your analysis with a straight face again =( 


Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

@ Whitedevil

no... I don't think so.