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Forums - General Discussion - Who's the Most attractive VG Chartz Member?

Lolita is cute as

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okeydokey's pic is the hottest thing ever


gamertag Brainteeth

psn Brainteeth

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Nintendo Network Brainteeth

Instagram Brainteeth

Fazz im curious... do you wear make up?

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lol, it seems like I do? O_o

fazz said:
lol, it seems like I do? O_o

Definately some mascara in there.

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^My eye lashes are like that naturally haha.

okey ftw :)

If anybody says "Pichu", they get a permaban, sound fair?

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Imthelegend said:
How do you enbed pictures.

 It has to be on a websit, then get the link and see the little tree looking icon, click that and put link in there :)

My pics are in my profile. Im shy.

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