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     What the subject says. What is your opinion on Super Mario RPG?  I chose this one, because it's the only role-play Mario game that never got a sequel ( Paper Mario got 3 sequels and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga also got 3 sequels) and it seems to be kinda overlooked at times despite the praise it gets from fans.

      I personally think that is a very good RPG and is also very accessible  which means that people who aren't really into RPGs are going to be able to enjoy it. At the same time, this won't destroy the fun for veterans either. The characters are pretty good ( Geno is simply one badass dude), the story is simplistic, but it works. The music is simply awesome. I like the all the boss battles tunes and the even the music that plays during a normal battle is catchy. There is also a ton of extra things you can do like fighting Culex,  fighting Jinx, get some optional  equipment like the Super Suit and Attack Scarf ( which are hard as heck to get since you need to do multiple super jumps), the game is not that lenghty, but  there is still a ton of extra stuff to do so that won't be a problem to people are used to doing a lot of things in RPGs.

     So, what are your opinions on Super Mario RPG?

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So, nobody here played Super Mario RPG?

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Its the best mario rpg (yeah, better than paper mario) ever created and one of the best RPG for SNES . Simple as that.

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Having played it recently on android. It is a colorful and really simple RPG that is pretty enjoyable. As a child I was not as good at games and thought it challenging. The lack of complexity makes it get old fast. I only beat about a third of it.

Definitely one of my favorite games of all times and the game that got me started loving RPG's. The action-based timing of this game set it apart from the rest of the RPG's on SNES. I always liked that the story deviated from the usual Bowsee kidnaps Peach, etc. trope and introduced a bunch of new characters. Shame they haven't been used since then, though.

I have to agree that the soundtrack is so infectious. I still find myself humming the tunes from the game to this day (especially the song played in Bandit's Way)!

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Its my #1 game of all time! No lie its my favorite!

Its a wonderful game and I would love to see it get a sequel. Possibly the best RPG-lite of all time ^.^

Paper Mario 64 is better

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It's pretty limited, so it does end up getting a bit repetitive by the end of the game, but it does break the monotony of battles up with some good platforming as well as everything else you can do throughout the game. Overall a pretty good game.

tbone51 said:

Its my #1 game of all time! No lie its my favorite!

If this is your number one RPG, no wonder you like Pokemon. 

I'm j/k.  Maybe.