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It's a bit of a weird one, but one of the bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass really stood out to me.

The DS was my first device with a touchscreen or multiple screens. I didn't get it until early 2008, partially because of my PC gaming and GBA filling my entertainment needs, but also because I just didn't get the DS.

Anyhow, as somebody who had some experience with Zelda, the game was a great way to kind of ease me into touch controls and dual screens. But it wasn't until the third boss that I was really sold on the DS.

Long story short, the boss becomes invisible, but you can see whatever they're looking at on the other screen. In other words, the game becomes sort of a second person shooter.

At that point, I understood the DS. Other instances convinced me that dual screens could be a good idea, but this was what convinced me that they were the future. And in the process, this was the beginning of me getting really into gaming.

About a year and a half later, I joined VGChartz.

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starting WoW in 2006, off-and-on until 2012.

the first time novelty of the Wii's motion controls and Wii Sports.

spending hundreds of hours in Oblivion.

spending many nights playing Halo 3 with friends. i was never a big Halo fan but it's all they wanted to play.

going to Brawl's midnight launch at my local GameStop. so far i have never been so hyped or excited for a video game. the Smash Dojo worked wonders for that game imo.

Galaxy 1 + 2.


getting into, and eventually getting very, very skilled (by my own egoistic admission) at music games, Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

spending many nights playing Civlization IV until dawn.

1 vs. 100 with friends who lived out of state.

Arkham Asylum being one of the most surprisingly fantastic games i've ever played.

started to watch gaming live streams for the first time.

spent several months playing one or two versus matches of L4D2 pretty much every single night with friends. 


BioShock Infinite renewing my faith in video games.


The memory that will likely stick with me is dozen friends of mine getting together and surprising me with a PS3, having to scramble to find a 24 hour shop to buy a game and getting Assassin's Creed. Sitting down and messing about and my jaw dropping because of all the things you could run and climb on. It may not even be in my top 25 games of the generation (not even in top three of its own series) but that night getting into Gen 7 gaming was one I'll always cherish.

Softmodding my PSP

Youtube console wars

Playing FPS for the first-time on a Playstation system.

Getting Plus for the first-time.

Playing metroid prime 3 with wii controls that's when I realized the genius of the wiimote. Too bad I will never get to play anything like it again.... stupid nintendo.

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All in chronological order I believe:

- Getting my DS and using the touchscreen for the first time.
- Getting my Wii and playing Wii Sports.
- Playing my first stint online in Call of Duty 4.
- Getting my own PS3 and starting MGS4.
- Emerging from the vault in Fallout 3.
- Getting a PSP and starting Crisis Core.
- Starting Final Fantasy XIII.
- Getting an Xbox 360 and starting Tales of Vesperia.
- Desert level in Uncharted 3.

sales2099 said:
Console wars was 2006.... Best year in gaming for obvious reasons.

Personal gaming memory: Playing Gears of War 1 online and playing 3 vs 3 in Halo Wars with my cousins.

I thought Console Wars was an ongoing since since like, forever? Still, the Youtube bashing and defending videos were the best, reading how everyone just kept saying things like "BUT PS3 IS THE MOST POWERFUL, YOU N00B!" "XBOX360 ONLINE INFRASTRUCTURE IS SUPERIOR, YOU IDIOTIC BASTARD!", "GRAPHICS AREN'T EVERYTHING, YOU D*CKSH*TTING MOTHERF*CKER!".

Sigh... Good old times.

In order, since 2007 to 2013.

-First time you see Damascus in Assassin's Creed, first WOW next gen moment i had.
-The 1st act of MGS 4, i was amazed how next gen improved gameplay over the previous gen.
-Seeing live Uncharted 2 E3 Show in 2009. Definitely the most WOW moment of the gen.
-Seeing the intro of FF XIII. I was hyped as hell for this game for years, and the CGI intro didn't disappoint.
-The last moment of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption, absolutely impactful first time you played it.
-Cutting my finger to save the protagonist's son in Heavy Rain.
-The farewell of the crew in Mass Effect 3 ending. I almost cried saying goodbye to my Liara...
-The music of Journey while you're playing the last act.
- I loved every bit of the game, but mostly the last third of The Last of Us. Bascally when i remember PS3 in the future i will think in TLOU.