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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Western-developed game with the most disappointing 2013 sales?

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Most disappointing 2013 sales?

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel 7 5.04%
Castlevania: Lords of Sha... 9 6.47%
Fuse 30 21.58%
Gears of War: Judgment 15 10.79%
God of War: Ascension 11 7.91%
Killzone Mercenary 8 5.76%
Lost Planet 3 15 10.79%
Rayman Legends 21 15.11%
Tearaway 15 10.79%
Other (please explain in comments) 7 5.04%
Kresnik said:

JayWood2010 said:

Though I would say Beyond: Two Souls should get a mention as well.  A lot of people were really hyped for that game and it didnt do so hot.

Yep, seriously considered that one too.  And Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  But when I was looking through sales, both of these were pushing 1m (or exceeding it) and I wondered whether it was really fair to include them.  When you've got a new IP like Fuse selling sub 200k and then you've got Beyond pushing 1m, there's a big difference.  Especially since budget wise, I'd imagine they're fairly similar.

Thats true.  I dont believe people thought Beyond Twop souls was going to sell multimillions .  Prob though it would be simillar to heavy rain in terms of numbers so youre right.  As long as it has decent legs it should do find for QD.


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Why is everyone voting for Fuse? It deserved those poor sales.

Although it causes me great physical pain to agree with Roll, I think Raymand Legends.

Everyone loves the game, but delaying it on the WiiU just hurt both, and killed both it's buzz and goodwill.

It still may have good legs, but nothing like what it probably should have.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


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Kresnik said:

You are!

... so long as you back it up :P

Dang! Why can't you just let me go around posting non-sense?

NintendoPie is sad.