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Favorite Smash Bros game?

Smash Bros 64 9 12.68%
Smash Bros Melee 34 47.89%
Smash Bros Brawl 28 39.44%

Brawl is by far a better game than the first two. However, my favourite would have to be Melee, because of the music, gameplay, and nostalgia :D


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I've probably played more Melee in total, but Brawl is the better game for sure

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Melee for the gameplay.
Brawl for the roster.


Surprised so many people are picking Brawl. I thought everyone hated that one compared to Melee. Mine is the first one for nostalgia reasons.

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For me it's definitely between Melee and Brawl but I liked Brawl the most overall. Loved the Final Smash moves.

Let me put it this way. Here is a professional Brawl battle:


And here is a professional Melee battle:


And there you have it.


As for Super Smash 64 I'd put it in the middle of the two, though a lot closer to Melee. Excellent combos and overall gameplay pace.

HintHRO said:

Not sure if serious, but either way people really need to stop bringing up this argument. Even without glitches Melee players would still say it has the superior gameplay by far.