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Favorite Smash Bros game?

Smash Bros 64 9 12.68%
Smash Bros Melee 34 47.89%
Smash Bros Brawl 28 39.44%

        What the subject says.. What is your  favorite Smash Bros game? Mine has to be Melee because of the speedy gameplay, the ability to smoothly pull off combos and  Wombo Combo which is one of my favorite memes of all time..
         It's your turn, ladies and gentlemen ( and Galaki).. What is your favorite Smash Bros game?

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Brawl. i've had the most fun with it and there's so much freaking content

Brawl, no contest

Melee was played at the critical age of 8-14 when gaming was most fresh and magical, so by my biases I pick that.

Melee, fast pace and much better balanced.

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The one with the most content of course: Brawl.


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KHlover said:
Brawl, no contest


Brawl by a coutrny mile. I liked melee a lot but Brawl is less difficult to play and way more accessible and has a lot of content!

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Hm... Melee because of nostalgia and the fast paced game play, though it's a close call with Brawl.

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JoeTheBro said:
KHlover said:
Brawl, no contest


Hint: there's a joke hidden in this picture :P