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It's already an issue for me personally. The main reason I don't want a WiiU right this instant is because Smash is going to be on both. You can get that, 3D Land, ALBW, and Pokemon X/Y on a portable device that costs up to $200 less if you get a 2DS. Meanwhile, the stuff I'd want a WiiU for, like Bayonetta and X, have been pretty much radio silent since E3.

Nintendo isn't doing a good job of convincing me why I shouldn't just get a 3DS for Nintendo stuff while waiting to see how the WiiU situation pans out from here. A more advanced handheld in a few years from now will only make the issue worse.

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That will not happen at all. Handheld games run at a far lesser resolution than their console counter parts. Even if Nintendos next gen console is slightly more powerful than the PS4/Xbox One it will outdo anything a hand held could easily. Even in the near futrue.

Thats kinda true. I expect Nintendo next handheld to support dx11 level graphics, and those may become so good in a small screen that you can't see much difference when comparing it to the next gen home console which should have around 2.5~Tflops of performance (10x Wii U?)

And I want a wind waker 2 as a launch title for the next handheld.

All I want from their next handheld is something different. The 3DS was a depressingly small change from the DS, which is fine for the most part as the DS was glorious, but that's not a boat they can ride 3 times.

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This is the reason I feel a console/handheld hybrid is plausible next gen. GBC/GBA vs N64/GC was 2D vs 3D and DS vs Wii also added touch vs motion to that so the last 3 generations had completely different experiences available on handhelds and home consoles. But now 3DS and Wii U both can easily run 3D games and both have motion and touch capabilities. Even the games are very similar on both this generation.

Mario 3D Land vs Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 7 vs Mario Kart 8
DKC Returns 3D vs DKC Tropical Freeze
Ocarina of Time 3D vs Wind Waker HD
Smash Bros 3DS vs Smash Bros Wii U

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