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which is the best srpg?

persona 4 golden 5 6.67%
pokemon x/y 11 14.67%
fire emblem awakening 29 38.67%
etrian oddysey 4 legends of the titan 0 0.00%
shin megami tensei 4 1 1.33%
etrian oddysey untold the millenium girl 2 2.67%
rune factory 4 0 0.00%
others 27 36.00%

Shining Force

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Shining Force and Shining Force II, hands down the best strategy RPG ever. Ageless.

Pokemon Red and Blue or Diamond and Pearl ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

Fire Emblem Awakening. Feels like the same or similar threads keep showing up.

Persona, Pokemon and Etrian Odyssey are SRPGs?

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Jagged Alliance 2

Valkyria Chronicles. It suck me in so many hour playing it. Too bad Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3 is on PSP. Wonder what make them decide to put the sequel on PSP

Videokameras said:
by the way do romance of the three kingdoms and Nobunagas Ambition also Count as strategy rpg or are they purely strategy??

The games are pretty old you might not know em, Koei produced this games 20 years ago

Hey now, they aren't THAT old when you count their sequels.

You could make a VERY strong case for ROTK8 being a strategy RPG.

ROTK8 being the best  Kou Shibusawa game in my opinion.


As for best SRPRG?   I'd probably go all the way back to either Tactics Ogre: LUCT, or Fallout 2.

Fallout 1&2 are excellent, can be picked up cheap, and are so old they should likely be able to run on any windows PC that's reading this.

So it's a fun change for you SRPG lovers out there.


Shocked at all the Valkirya Chronicles comments.  To me, being able to give the same unit multiple actions more or less killed the game from a tactical perspective and made it too easy.