Forums - Sony Discussion - Should i buy Rayman legends for $30 on black friday or wait for ps4 version?

Troll_Whisperer said:
I'm waiting for the PS4 version to see if they add anything. The game might use the touchpad too. Can't get it on Vita coz I wanna play local coop.

That kind of defeats the purpose, because the touch screen levels clearly have you look at the touch screen to see what you're doing on Wii U.

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If you have a WiiU, get its version. It´s the most complete one and you can play with Murphy as it was intended to be by the producers

If you don´t have, then get the PS3 version, which is also excellent. It´s not worthy waiting for the PS4 version

I finally purchased Rayman legends for ps3(digital) , i didn't want to buy digital but still in canada the price is 60 but digital version for black friday is 30 so i decided to get digital version , i might buy it later on ps4 if it has more levels or vita mode.

IMHO it's the best 2D platformer of the generation hands down and worth paying full price for it regardless, but I do still think it'll be interesting to see what the PS4/XB1 versions might bring to the table.

Don't listen to the apologists here, they're just losing sleep over the prospect of a former would-be talking point for the Wii U being made further redundant.

waiting on ps4 version myself!