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3D effect. Or Sega's Steam magic.

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ThatGreekGuy said:
BasilZero said:
I want to see smex.

And a lot of awesome moments *_*

Sex would be the ultimate thing that would make the Hornystation... hornier

I want the social links to actually affect the story progressively, and not just at the end of the game. Perhaps it could be a bit more open-world, but I wouldn't mind if it was linear as long as it is fun. The combat system can be refined a bit, the dungeon crawling system can definitely get better.

Whatever it may be, I think Atlus will do a good job with P5.

More anime cut cenes, more voice acting, more consequences and better choices for the social links.

The combat system is okay, can be refined but it should maintain the turn based system. 

I think the thing I want improved the most is the dungeon design. I got tired of dungeons being 10+ floors of the same design in p4.

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more flexibility with the average day...getting a cup of tea/ or enerting your house immediately after school or on days off/weekends/vacation shouldn't cost you the entire day!!!

I would like a Vita and a 3DS version. That would be awesome! Apart from that, I just want Persona 5 to be more like Persona 4, and maybe include a deeper story like Persona 2!

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I want a western console release.

I'm a dreamer.

I want to see BasilZero in Persona 5!!!!

I want to see the game released on Vita next year (in the west).