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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - NintenDomination - Sorry VGC, But Your Thread Is In Another Castle


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Too much talk about goodbyes is sad. You leave me no other option but post this

Please excuse my bad English.

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Well, I'll probably be at class when this is closed... I wanna say that this was my first home at VGC, and thank everyone that's made it this great. Specially my big brother Salnax. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't waste my time every night making news compilation, and he indirectly also made me a writer! And also special mention to Cone for making this awesome thread

Love ya all. May Nintendomination 2.0 be twice as awesome as this!

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I refuse to say goodbye. its just the beginning anyway :)

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Conegamer said:


Who's Platina? Never heard of him.

Me neither. But apparently he joined the site three months ago and comes from Canada. He's an incredibly nice and caring man and he's taking on an awful lot of responsibility doing this, so I'd like any complaints or issues directed at me as opposed to him about this switch. 

But I wanted XXX to do this thread! Why Platina?

Call it intuition. Platina came into this thread and effectively re-energized it, which is something I'm incredibly thankful for. Upon leaving for a couple days I jokily made the comment that Platina was in charge due to his activity at the time. He put in an awful lot of energy in that time and subsequently has been invaluable in assisting over the past five weeks; effectively "taking over" the thread in my absence. As such when I decided what was more important to me, the choice was obvious.


1. People who seriously ask this should be banned immediately.

2. Vin Diesel doesn't have an account here, so I will call the imaginary person who asked this stupid.

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I'll just leave this nice song as my final send off for this thread...

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Sad to see the end.....

Wait so...what is happening now?

Wildcard36qs said:
Wait so...what is happening now?

Within the next hour or two I'll be locking this thread and unlocking the other one. Nothing much changes aside from it will be a new thread and I'll not be "in charge". 


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I don't know how to move on with my life without this thread.

KyleeStrutt said:
I don't know how to move on with my life without this thread.

Simple. Just join the new thread.