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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Brilliant article on why Mario Galaxy is game of the generation

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Persona 5 hasn't been released yet so I'd say it's the provisional game of the generation.

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Platformer perfection. It got played for around 80 hours on my console. Mario, then Luigi, then playing more just for the sheer fun of it.

I actually still have Galaxy 2 sitting on my shelf. I am saving it to be one of the last games I play on the Wii before moving on. It is going to be glorious.

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Great article, lots of very good points presented.

As much as I loved the Uncharted series I'd have to give the edge to the Galaxy games as far as platformers go. Masterpieces, I say.

Good points in the article, I think Galaxy 1 and 2 were the best games of the generation because of the overall fun I had and still have with them. Great controls, great level design, and really varied objectives. I think the second one is the best of them though, because the first had many objectives that I found boring such as the Purple comets.

Still the first one made the biggest impact on me, and probably all of us. I am replaying them right now actually, I started a new game on Galaxy 1 about a week ago and finished it completely after a week. Then I began Galaxy 2 yesterday, and so far I have 68 stars.

I was a little bored with some stars on the first, especially when I had to replay them as Luigi. Galaxy 2 doesn't have that problem, but again, the first one had the biggest impact. So I think it deserves the title of best game of the generation more.


It was magic. I will love it forever :)