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Forums - Sales Discussion - September 2013 NPD Thread! - PS3 > 360 (GTAV = system seller), Wii U: ~91k

To be exactly...

Wii U: 91.5k

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Yeah my early guess is Wii U about 95k. Slightly overtracked, but not disastrously so. Actually looks like a pretty good month.

tagged ... will read the rest tomorrow.

Wii U pretty much bang on? Nice!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Cool. I guess Wii U is overdue for an adjustment downward for August though.

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Really want to know digital Wind Waker sales


Digital sales for WW pls! Need to prove that it was big! (pls be over at least 40k, maybe be around 60k

I hope WW does well. I can't wait to get that. HD update with all the bits I hated about the GC version? Could well propel it to being my favourite 3D Zelda title.

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I knew the xbox360 and PS3 were massively overtracked.

No way GTA5 boosted their sales. If you remember well, GTA4 did not boost their sales at all, why would GTA5 boost their sale when they are at the end of their lives?

I bet GTAV is also overtracked by 4-5 millions. Also, after all this overtracking, the biggest overtracking of all is PS3 in Europe and rest of world, and sadly we can't have these verified.