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kingofwale said:
What Sony needs now is install base, not more powerful console

Exactly, we're not talking about now though we're talking about next-gen.

My take:

Xbox720: 2012 - 349$
PS4: 2012 - 399$
WiiToo: 2013 - 279$

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Zucas said:
Its actually just next gen, as current gen is Wii, PS3, and 360. There was no need for that. When people say "next gen" consoles right now they probably mean in terms of power which is silly but whatever. As for the question I have no comment.

 Zucas beat me to it.  I just wanted to note that you are simply talking about Next generation.  I originally had the impression you were talking about Wii 3, Xbox 4, and PS5.

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Personally, I think the OP was wrong when he said that the PS4 will launch 7 years after PS2, but what do I know...

I would say we will see:

PS4 in 2012 for $350, large HDD, many games downloadable, well integrated online service before launch, I would expect the PSP 2 to arrive 2 years earlier ready to be connected. They will have FF XIV, GTA VI, Resistance 4, Jak 5 and a few new IPs for launch

Xbox 3: 2011 for $400, similar to PS4, but less stuff generally

Wii 2: 2010 for $300. Still with motion controls, but with a wireless nunchuck and better Wii mote. Far more peripherals, will have a 1:1 lightsaber game. Will have a large HDD for massive collection of remade VC games, with HD graphics and controls adapted for the wiimote

Griffin said:
The PS3 will be able to compete with any next gen console the same way the PS2 is going now. The wii is about two GC's, the next wii may only be 2wii's and the PS3 would still be stronger then that.

 The PS2 is here, because it won the last gen, huge library, large user base...

 This is not about power and you know it...

By me:

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tastyshovelware said:
thekitchensink said:
 I think this generation has been a real eye-opener as to how important launching first is

 Not disagreeing with your predictions or anything like that. But launching 1st doesn't always guaranty a winner. Look at the genesis, saturn, and dreamcast.... Now that I think about it, maybe it's just a sega thing.

Oh, I agree--launching first doesn't guarantee industry dominance (just ask Sega and Microsoft).  However, there are, of course, major advantages.  I believe that the Dreamcast sold more than either the 360 or PS3 in the first year.  And I don't think the 360 would be doing as well as it is now if it didn't have its' advantage against the PS3.

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Nintendo 6: As powerful they can get it for $250, improvements with the motion sensing, maybe something new and revolutionary. Released in 2011

XBOX720: Won't happen

PS4: Copies Nintendo, will be as powerful they can get t for $349

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Munkeh111 said:

Wii 2: 2010 for $300. Still with motion controls, but with a wireless nunchuck and better Wii mote. Far more peripherals, will have a 1:1 lightsaber game. Will have a large HDD for massive collection of remade VC games, with HD graphics and controls adapted for the wiimote



They make a profit, the system sells like crazy even withou HD, most people don't care about HD, and $300 is too much for mass market and Nnty knows it, the whole idea makes no sense whatsoever, plus it isn't innovative enough for Iwata


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The next box will not be called 720, since the current image is not doing them any good, it'll have a catchy sub-name like X-box Ultra or something like that.
It'll be out 2011 in the earliest, with Nintendo right behind and Sony a full year or possibly year and a half behind MS.
The next box should be a tad cheaper and will have a more broad and tech encompassing base SKU.
The next Nintendo will be very similar to the Wii I think, launching at roughly the same price.
The PS4 will probably be called just that and launch at 450$.

I have a feeling the next generation of consoles will be MUCH cheaper. It's a shot in the dark, but if the Cell Chipset and multi-thread programming takes off, couldn't Sony just theoretically "double-up" on their current CPU? Hell like I said, it could be a shot in the dark, but could you imagine if the next Nintendo and MS consoles used Cell's :P

I have a feeling hard drives will be major players, Sony will probably include a blu-laser drive for BC, but by that time they'll be dirt cheap. MS and Nintendo are beyond my gasp of power and specs because they're not as predictable as a hardware manufacturer.

But I'd say Sony will stick to their 10 year plan, it seems to be working thus far, and they'll introduce the PS4 5 years into the PS3's life cycle.

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You can only go so far in terms of 'life like graphics', people will start to hanker for a more simpler system in the next generation (possibly).

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