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Forums - Sports Discussion - NHL thread: Updated standings!

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Are suspensions getting ridiculous?

Yes 26 45.61%
No 27 47.37%

Drew Doughty for Conn Smythe

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Congratulations to the LA Kings for winning the Stanley Cup. They definitely earned it.

...and I hope that the San Jose Sharks die and get nothing for Christmas after losing 4 straight games to them after being up 3-0.

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So fucking sad we went down like that. Another nerve-racking double overtime due to a controversial call.  Jesus Christ.

Doesn't help reading stuff like this.

Whatever. I know much of the NHL doesn't respect our team because we're carried by our goalie and play on razor thin margins, but that won't stop us. We'll be back, I promise you all!

Congrats to the Kings, especially Gabby. Wish it were with us, but I'm glad he finally got his - and while leading the entire playoffs on goals, can't ask for much more.

Kings take the cup, now I wait for some off season moves and signings and trades for Minnesota and we meet back here in October?