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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So is the 3DS using the 2008 or 2010 model of the PICA200 GPU series?

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What model of the PICA200 series do you think is in the 3DS?

2008=Vertex Performence 4... 18 19.78%
2010 = Vertex Performence, the heck if I know 28 30.77%
See results 45 49.45%
oni-link said:
DieAppleDie said:
oh man Kaizars posts are pure gold homie.....

He does make good points though.  The 3DS while less powerful than the PS Vita is still no slouch in terms of pumping out beautiful visuals.  The screen size for the original 3DS makes a 3D 480p screen unnecessary (but they should have increased the resolution for the XL).  In any case, the 3DS while being a  weight class below the PS Vita in terms of CPU, RAM, and GPU is still a great piece of tech for it's purpose of playing games.  Hey no one complained about how games look on the PSP a few years back and the 3DS is most definitely a notch or two above that system!!!

Well, the 3DS underclock CPU clocks it's GPU @ 400 MHz (the CPU focuses extremely on synthesis), while the 360 CPU clocks it's GPU @ 500 MHz, so I think that speaks a lot about what amount weaker the 3DS is compare to the 360.

Plus the 3DS only has to put 240p graphics onto its 128 FCRAM, while the PS Vita has to put 720p graphics on a 512 MB DRAM. But the Vita only has a 540p resolution display which is why it's games look better being viewed on other electronics, like PC. Anyways this should probably help figure how much open world each system does, plus the 3DS already does Lego City Undercover which is more open world then anything that can be done on the PS3 & 360.

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seriously....the figures, the explanations, the poll.....everything here is pure gold as i said.....i would vote for this thread as the thread of the year