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wiiforever said:
kingofwale said:
another vote for Uncharted. if you own a PS3, it should be the first game you buy.

 Uncharted's graphics arn't that good. I've played it and there above average but not the best of teh best I would have to say. MAybe COD4

Aren't that good? You're joking right? I guess Crysis graphics are ONLY good to you?

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CoD 4 , but when you are talking about graphics do you take in consideration only polygon counts or art design and style too. If so I would take mario galaxy and metroid over looks anytime over CoD 4 or even crysis for that matter. I would choose these because they make me say wow more than the 1 or 2 times I say wow for the realism in those other games. I choose these games because they are colorful and just nice to look at. I usually overlook graphics in shooters like CoD 4 because you barely worry about looking at stuff rather than killing people. That is why I think are design>polygon count realism and high resolutions. So if you are not taking into consideration art design then CoD 4 ,but if you are then Mario Galaxy/Metroid Prime 3.

Uncharted or Bioshock or Ratchet and Clank PS3.


Gears of War definitely rates a mention. I'm looking forward to Project Offset though.

They all suck, just like you.

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Ignoring Crysis, Uncharted. Heavenly Sword also has it's moments, but the screen tearing and frame dips get annoying.

Super Mario Galaxy, despite being a Wii game, is also beautiful. It looks better than a lot of ps3/360 games I've played so far, imo.

starcraft said:
libellule said:

how can u put LO here ?
whatever the game is good or not, I m pretty sure there are, at least, 5 console games better than LO

Have you played LO? Seriously the game is beautiful. I spent two hours with Uncharted starting from when they left the chick at the pier to go treasure hunting. The game looks beautiful, but LO matches and surpasses it, ESPECIALLY in cutscenes.

 Aren't the cutscenes CGI?  That's not exactly a fair comparison. :/

Uncharted is excellent, but I like Ratchet & Clank Future better.

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For me? I'd say Chrono Trigger off the top of my head.

SNES game sure... but to me things like polygon count are useless... what matters is just how good something looks.

3-D games have yet to reach realistic enough grahics where they look as good as some of the best 2-D games. Too many weird edges and unrealistic movements. The overexagerated movements just don't work well on 3-D chars. They just look like really bad actors.

2-D games since then too seem to rely too much on the 2-D+ 3-D style. Where almost like Paper Mario the characters look overly flat.  They look like 2-D characters in a 3-D world and sorta look out of place.  Kinda like a Hitler painting actually.

Assassin's Creed if it weren't for the bad framerate.

BioShock also looks REALLY good on PC. Don't know how it looks on 360.