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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are games as good as they used to be?

They're better. You just got older!

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i Started gaming back in 1990 when i was 5-6 years old i had a Sega Megadrive (genesis) and also gamed on a SNES when that came out. After that i got a sega saturn followed by Dreamcast then a PlayStation then PS2 and now a PS3.

i always said that the Dreamcast/PlayStation/PS2 era wasn't as good or as fun as the Sega megadrive/SNEI/Saturn era.

I thought it was maybe because i was getting older and it was a natural thing to not enjoy vdeogames as much as i did back then, But i was proven wrong with this current PS3 era, as im now enjoying gaming as much as i did in the Megadrive/SNES/Saturn era. Im mostly an RPG gamer and ive really liked what ive played with the PS3 and ive truly gotten back into gaming where at the age of 29 im playing most days and enjoying it (luckily my girlfriend doesnt mind at all)

so IMO i'd say that for this Gen, gaming has gotten better.

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Some genres are, some aren't. One genre that is worse compared to past generations is the RPG genre. However, another that is better is the third person shooter genre.

Yes. I find it very hard to believe that developers as a whole suddenly just got worse. The much more likely scenario is that as kids we were much less critical of games and our expectations were far more reasonable.

Racing, sports, and open world games have really leaped in quality, but RPGs and platformers have kind of taken a dive.

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No, it's not as good. I say this not so much from my perspective, but watching my nieces and nephews play SNES games all summer long endlessly, completely enthralled by the gameplay. They are young, they are not influenced by nostalgia, but they will play these old games and love them much more than the new titles.

That said I think a lot of new innovations have come along that are really cool. The graphics and sound are much better. Some titles have blown me away all over again over the years, titles such as Halo, FFX, WoW, WiiSports, SMG, Xenoblade, by offering either great new innovations or great evolutions of older ones. These games are on a level with older titles. But far too many modern games have low-level interaction masked by quick time events or fluid animations that mask the direct control of older (especially) 2D games.

Also lost a bit today is some mystery. You couldn't jump on the internet to figure something could maybe flip through the pages of a warn-out tip magazine to see if you really could walk backwards through that window in that castle in that Zelda. Every game and genre was also new and fresh, a new style of game coming out every year. Things weren't big budget, so some random developer could just say "I want to make a game about a knight killing vampires and aliens and dragons with a sword and a machine gun" and BAM! instant gaming gold. This is all lost, making games a little bit less exciting than before. But things are still good, and indie games are filling a bit of that simple concept/gameplay void.

DucksUnlimited said:
Yes. I find it very hard to believe that developers as a whole suddenly just got worse. The much more likely scenario is that as kids we were much less critical of games and our expectations were far more reasonable.

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This is just what i have been saying. Nostalgia is what's making games from 10 years ago ''better''

Yeah, it's the kid thing.

Many people HATE Sonic Heroes, and I think it's as good as Mario 64. Sue me.

Greatly depends on age.

Player2 said:
kljesta64 said:

1990 : arcade game cant rembember the name you fly with an airplaine and kill dinosaurs (also my first game ever)


Prehistoric Isle?


OT: Long gone are the 16 bit days, when devs put effort to match the quality of first party offerings

dude i think thats it thanks! is the last boss a little baby t-rex ?

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I agree.

Gaming's been declining. The golden years have been long gone. Newer games just aren't that imaginative anymore. Not as creative. This is not the nostalgia talking, if today I play an old game I have never played before for the first time, I usually think it's better then what's just come out. Of course, there's the new 'classic' here and there, but it's the exception.