Forums - Sony Discussion - TGS 2013: PS4 Fails to Respond During a Live Broadcast on Japanese TV, Awkwardness and Hilarity Ensue

It's funny how if something like this happens to Microsoft, Sony fanboys are bashing the Xbox One like there's no tomorrow. And if this happens to Sony, everyone is automatically dumb for even mentioning it. My God...

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Somebody call a Help desk :P

haha xbox yobnaf

Every time I think I've seen the most immature thread here on Vgchartz you guys manage to one-up it with something even more immature.

This entire thread is filled with useless, pointless replies taking jabs at one another. If you want to do that go to some other site because that is not allowed here.

If you did any of the following you can expect a moderation shortly.
-Going at lengths to de-rail the thread
-Took a jab at another user
-Made multiple pointless posts/Spamming

You have a few choices here.
1. Improve your posting style. In other words, instead of making a bad reply like any of the definitions above, you either post something relevant or you ignore and report.
2. Leave the site. If you don't like the rules, you don't have to be here.
3. Continue to post badly and receive progressively longer bans until you're at the point where you get perma-banned.

The choice is yours, choose wisely. This thread is getting locked.