Forums - Nintendo Discussion - White Wii U Pro Controllers Being Phased Out?

They are $11 at my local walmart

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Weird. I have one in each color. Don't know why they would phase it out even with the console gone. Though I do think it should have black sticks like the white Dualshocks, as white sticks get yellow and gross with time, at least at the demos in stores.

I better get one quick. I want one so it can be the controller for company.

Unavailable at my local Best Buy. Argh!

Eh? I didn't even know there were white ones! O_o

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
Unavailable at my local Best Buy. Argh!

Found them in a Best Buy 30 minutes away! Got two Pro Controllers plus they had a ton of games 50% off. Picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion :)

I'd buy one but I don't even use the one I do have unless somebody wants to play two player Call of Duty. I just love the Wii U's main controller. Got mine on day one and only charged it once since launch. Good luck to you guys with your search. Should be a must have item amongst serious Smash Bros. players (of which I am not one of).


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