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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Petition Launched to Prevent PC Version of GTA V

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kupomogli said:

A good majority of PC gamers pirate games, but those that don't should still have the chance to play it. Not everyone is a thieving douchebag who cares about nothing but themselves. 

I guess with how much some countries have to pay for games I can see why people in those countries would pirate, but if you're in a country where gaming is an affordable hobby, then I mean exactly what I said.

Pirating on the PC is in decline anyway, according to the PC Gaming Alliance.

What developers need to do, is give incentive for people to not want to pirate, that means lower prices and online-only features, Steam has been stupidly successfull in removing the need for even the lowest of income earners needs to pirate.
It's also one of the reasons why Free-to-play games have started to become so popular on PC, who would want to Pirate a free to play game? :P

Plus, GTA is such a heavy hitter, if Rockstar doesn't want my cash or the largest market in terms of game sales, then who am I to argue with their decision to essentially throw money away? :P

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What a joke

Yeah I saw it earlier. Even saw a petition to stop the petition on N4g also. Of course neither one is serious.
I was curious which would hit 100 first but the other petition isn't getting the same attention so not sure it will even break 10. I think 3 signed it when I looked at it.

BasilZero said:

lol another peition eh?


Hmm I wonder who this is...


infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy.

I'm not really here!

It crossed 1000 supporters. People are serious about this. lol. IMO it will loose momentum after gta v release. People will be busy to play gta v by then.

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as if console gamers would pirate less if there wouldn't be stuff like "you have to fear to get banned from xbox live"

there is no "this or that group of humans is better if we talk about piracy". a lot of people i know pirated their games on wii and 360 and i'm sure pc and console gamers also pirate the same amount of music and movies except maybe for those console owners who have no pc so that they can't pirate^^

This is a stroke of genious guys. With this petition they are doing reverse psychology... they want rockstar to take a stand a troll this guy by releasing a PC release date. It is an excellent plan.

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If they put it on PC too soon, some people who were gonna buy it on ps3/360 would pirate it instead, same thing ubisoft does with AC, just wait PC'ers

lol. If I can't get 1080 @ 60FPS, no-one get's 1080 @ 60FPS! :D

ishiki said:
Porcupine_I said:
They should make a PC version, only print a single copy and sell it for $200 million

when you do that someone would leak it before it got printed XD.


I sometimes wonder if the dude just did a massive troll petition to get attention. I've actually pirated more console games, than PC games... which I've only pirated games I've broke the disc.

put it on kickstarter.  pay upfront before the work begins.  if it hits 200M the game releases for free on pirate bay..