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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation 4, Killzone Shadowfall, 2x Dualshock 4 and PS4 Camera... €499

If posted already get the Ghost Busters.

PS4, Killzzzzzzzone, 2 controllers and the camera all for under 500? Thats a fucking bargain.

Granted this is French, so get it before the deal surrenders or runs away or something.

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i wonder why they sell it already under msrp. it's not as if they won't sell all consoles at launch without doing so.

Hilarious commentary :D and shame it's only for the French guys, I would dig that....

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Well this looks sweet. :D :D


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Can't quite tell if you end up with 3 DualShock 4s or if it is 1 extra + 1 that comes with the console

In any case, it basically gives you a free game, decent deal. I wouldn't imagine that there will actually be that many deals with a shortage of supply

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What a ridiculously good bundle! I'm even more jealous of the french now! Shame i don't dare buy any hardware outside of the country. Software i have no problems with, but hardware :S

Maybe i'm old fashioned :D

And you get 50 euros back, so that makes it 449 euros, actually


Edit : I did not heard about Psmove included tough.

That's an incredible deal.

that's a really good deal for launch. i'd buy if it was here in the states.

wow makes the fifa bundle look bad. though EU likes fifa better its hard to beat this.