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Overall I don't think I will sell my console, although I feel a little financially irresponsible for not doing it. The reason why is because if I don't sell it it will likely be used very rarely once the next gen comes out, or I could sell it and make a few hundred bucks on it and my games. I have a lot of old stuff sitting around that I wish I would have sold when it still had some value. Old computer, old phone etc.

I really wish the xbox one and ps4 were backwards compatible.

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I wouldn't sell my ps3 since the ps4 is not backwards compatible, it's that simple.

I was going to sell my 360 and PS3 to get either the xbox one or ps4, but after a little time to think I decided against it.

I've only sold games once and hated it.

I'd never sell a system.

I definitely try to not sell my consoles, but, being the 14 year old that I am, it's not easy to stay away from GameStop's "Sell Your Soul" trade in offers. However bad they may be, they help... not in the long run.

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Already sold my ps3 and all games to put money towards the ps4. I'm moving on. I don't really play old games that much. I can count the number of times I played a ps2 game during this era. Ironically I still have the ps2 since I just don't seem to have the heart to sell that old thing lol.

Never had, never will

My PS3 still has plenty of life to it. Either way, I would never sell it or all of my games.

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I will never, but now it just makes me wish the PS4 was backwards compatible.