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waron said:
TheRealMafoo said:
waron said:
no, cause there is only few games coming to ps3 i would like to play and huge amount of games on ps2 i would love to play(60 or more) so for 299$ i would get used ps2 and many good (used) games for this system.

lol, sorry, but this made me laugh my ass off... there are 60+ games on the PS2 you would love to play, and you don't own a PS2? It's $129 new. Less used.

If after 60+ games you want to play, you don't buy a PS2, nothing will convince you to buy a PS3, unless it played Nintendo games I guess.

 i just never thought about buying last gen console cause i wasn't interested in console gaming. i thought about buying both ps3 and wii, but now when i know that it doesn't have BC i would stick with ps2. 129$ for new ps2? maybe in america, in poland the ps2 price is near xbox arcade price which is about 240+$ so it's still not so great deal. i didn't buy ps2 cause i don't have time to play games at home(i will have ds probably next month) and i don't want to throw my money on system i won't use often.

I didn’t realize it cost that much where you live. That makes sense.

Oh, and just a side note. I am willing to bet that someday all PS3’s (including all that have sold) will play PS2 games.


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I would probably get it. Not all that stuff would happen though. 8 will never happen, half the games listed in 5 will not be released this year (at least not in America). 3 probably is a year away, and 1 is around 2-2.5 years away. 2 is not a real selling point, though I'm guessing it will happen next year. Only 6 and 7 are realistic to expect this year, and 4 has a chance to happen this year.

well right now(1$=2.5zl) ps2 cost about 240$(with one game) and x360 arcade about 300$(or less). ps3 40gb(without any game)cost 600$, wii 400$. new game cost about 80-100$ so it's a steal(and i mean about USA DOLLARS).

no. i wont ever buy a playstation console until they fix their god damn controller. i hate playing it because its the most uncomfortable design.

especially when playing fps, i just prefer the 360 or wii. seriously, i love a lot of their games, and if they ever redesign their controller instead of releasing the same one each console, ill think about getting one.

The only reason to buy PS3 right now would be a Shenmue 3 which is at least half as good as Shenmue 2 has been! Even some good remake or collection of Shenmue 2 an 1 would do...

Besides this the PS3 is pretty cool in some points (although I like the 360 more, because of some of their games) but I just would not buy it because I simply wouldnt have the time (and the money, too) to play at least a half of all the games which would be interesting on Wii and DS and PS3... Also, I have to play a few GameCube games I missed...

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Of course if i didnt have one,i would most definitely buy it.



No im happy with my wii and 360

What if a FFVII remake was announced? I think that would boost sales (particularly in Japan) more than KH3.

Still wouldn't be interested in a PS3 at that point, since my primary requirement is exclusive software (or software not available on platforms I already own, failing that) that appeals to me. The price points for when I'll consider have varied over time depending on my budget, but right now stand at: $500+ = 8 games minimum, ~$400 = 7 games minimum, ~$300 = 6 games minimum, under $300 = 5 games minimum. Right now and with that assumed line-up taken into account, only 2 games on PS3 interest me (FF13, WKS).

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Jandre002 said:

This comes from fanboy fantasy world here, but if all the rumored/hinted events occured without flaw, would you non-PS3 owners cave in and buy a PS3?


1. PS3 "Slim" was released with smaller design, bigger HDD, and software BC for only $299.

This alone would make PS3 sales take off. All the other stuff would make it catapult into the stratosphere.

I was looking for a 20gb PS3 when I heard they were on clearance at ToysRUs for 299. A slimmer, full BC, bigger HD PS3 would be sitting in front of me right now for $299. All the other stuff is a bonus.

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