Kee-rist, some of you people confound me.

Jandre002 said:

This comes from fanboy fantasy world here, but if all the rumored/hinted events occured without flaw, would you non-PS3 owners cave in and buy a PS3?


1. PS3 "Slim" was released with smaller design, bigger HDD, and software BC for only $299.

This alone would make PS3 sales take off. All the other stuff would make it catapult into the stratosphere.

I was looking for a 20gb PS3 when I heard they were on clearance at ToysRUs for 299. A slimmer, full BC, bigger HD PS3 would be sitting in front of me right now for $299. All the other stuff is a bonus.

Some of you people have no right to call yourselves true gamers.