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Forums - Sony Discussion - If Sony's best case scenario unfolded this year with the PS3, would you buy

This comes from fanboy fantasy world here, but if all the rumored/hinted events occured without flaw, would you non-PS3 owners cave in and buy a PS3?


1. PS3 "Slim" was released with smaller design, bigger HDD, and software BC for only $299.

2. Home and In-Game XMB allowed for integration and achievements both on classic gamercard style and in the virtual home world with trophies.

3. HD DVD concedes victory to BD and all HD releases are on BD. DVR ability is released for reasonable price.

4. Sony store adds movies/music to downloadable content.

5. MGS4,LBP,KZ2,FF,GT5, InFamous, and White Knight Story all turn out to be as solid as they are hyped up to be. (ooops and Resistance) AND all made it within the 2008 calendar.

6. Ports are equal on both the 360 and PS3.

7. Came with rumble controller.

8. And KH3 was announed for PS3 (maybe as exclusive, maybe not.)

Would this be enough to make you purhase a PS3? Or has Sony ruined any interest by releasing it initially at such a high price point? 


Now please dont come in here and say "ZOOOOOOOOMG WONT HAPPEN!", because most likely it won't work out so nicely. However if it did occur this way, would you be willing to buy a PS3? 

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No. Not because this isn't a good deal and frankly where PS3 needs to be to stomp 360 and become a real contender. But, because I just don't have the time/money to focus on more than one system and I sir, am a Nintendo fanboy.

Probably, if only because I could ditch my PS2 on eBay and use the money to fund that mythical $299 Slim. And then play the, uh, 5 or 6 PS3 exclusives I'd actually want to play.

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No money.
And if I had money I would still wait till it's cheaper, I have always been happy with one system.

I plan on getting a PS3 anyway, this would sweeten the deal though.

Also, 3,4,5,6, and 7 will probably be true. 1 will be true in a year or two. Your numbers aren't fantasies, many of them will be reality. 2 and 8 I'd probably say no to though.

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I'll probably never buy the PS3. I cannot afford two consoles, and taking out PS2 support doesn't entice me more either.

why didn't you say $ 100 ?? hmmm

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I think if all of those happened it would become a worthwhile purchase.

no, cause there is only few games coming to ps3 i would like to play and huge amount of games on ps2 i would love to play(60 or more) so for 299$ i would get used ps2 and many good (used) games for this system.

waron said:
no, cause there is only few games coming to ps3 i would like to play and huge amount of games on ps2 i would love to play(60 or more) so for 299$ i would get used ps2 and many good (used) games for this system.

 Where have you been friend? 60+ PS2 games you want to play versus only a few PS3 games? WTF?

Let me guess in 5/6 years you will say when you ask you about buying a ps4 you will answer:

"no, cause there is only a few games coming to the ps4 i would like to play and a huge amount on ps3 i would love to play"

 How about you buy the systems while they are current? Those few ps3 games coming to the ps3 will turn into a "huge amount" in a few years and then you will never play. Oh well, I'm happy playing current games on the current console generation.

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