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1.> Would definately make things interesting, although I'm not sure how that would be a best case scenario unless PS3 also had the magic "Things are now free for us to build" card. Also, probably would buy.

2.>My Ps3nis is bigger than yours? I don't care. Getting a trophy that shows that I managed to play Pixeljunk Monsters for 15 hours without earning a single rainbow doesn't motivate me.

3.>I can't wait to pay 35 dollars for a movie again. Don't care.

4.>Seeing as I actually enjoy the walk to the video store, meh. Digital distribution means a lot to lazy people I suppose though.

5.>Good games are all a plus, make it worth a buy, even if you don't think something will be good, having it prove you wrong is fine.

6.>Definate requirement. "Hey guys, the earlier cheaper system often runs games better! Isn't our system great?". Whether it's programmers, resources, or just a flaw in whatever, having it fixed, or better, absolutely thrashed would be a huge plus for Playstation, particularily if it meant it's exclusives would run better (Still angry at *Loading* Folklore).

7.> Wireless for his pleasure, rumbling for her.

8.> I'm not sure why this wasn't with 5. Good games are... wait, say it with me... good?

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DMeisterJ said:
^ If you don't like any of the games mentioned, I'd have to ask you if you like gaming at all.

 Of course, just none of those.  Games I want: Mass Effect, Fable 2, Oblivion, Burnout.

Games my son wants: Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears of War, Dead Rising, GTA IV, Rock Band, Burnout, Crackdown, Oblivion, CoD4

All great games, but none require a PS3 


Yes, so long as the price drops to $300 I get BC AND the library stops sucking I'll buy one.

krik said:
waron said:
no, cause there is only few games coming to ps3 i would like to play and huge amount of games on ps2 i would love to play(60 or more) so for 299$ i would get used ps2 and many good (used) games for this system.

 Where have you been friend? 60+ PS2 games you want to play versus only a few PS3 games? WTF?

Let me guess in 5/6 years you will say when you ask you about buying a ps4 you will answer:

"no, cause there is only a few games coming to the ps4 i would like to play and a huge amount on ps3 i would love to play"

 How about you buy the systems while they are current? Those few ps3 games coming to the ps3 will turn into a "huge amount" in a few years and then you will never play. Oh well, I'm happy playing current games on the current console generation.


maybe he's psychic and has seen the future and has therefore determined that he only wants a few games for the ps3

Okay, here goes.

1. Would be a huge factor, might bring me off the fence if the library improved.

2. Surely a plus but not unless a website poped up that compared/combined scores form 360 and PS3. Would make Multiplat games more competitive.

3. Truthfully, doesn't matter. I'm a rabid hater of the HD format war, it just seems forced and I truthfully think that the mass market is not ready for HD formats until individual movies drop to current (cheap) prices.

4. That would help but would kinda go against the Blu-Ray strategy, so i'm thinking this one could be unlikely.

5. MGS4- Not a Metal Gear fan, hate to admit it but the only one I liked was the PS1 MGS.
LBP- looks promising, it could be a very original game if done right.
Killzone 2 and Resistance 2- not a big shooter fan, I only played Halo 3 because I know alot of 360 owners.
FF13- Hmm...maybe, Square seems to have lost it's touch since the merger the jury is out on this one.
InFamous- Not enough is known about this title yet so again a maybe.
White Knight Story- Looks great, another promising title.

6. That would help and also prove devs have gotten over their hurdles with the console.

7. Anything would be better than that godforsaken sixaxis.

8. That would be a good push and the KH series doesn't seem to be affected as much as the FF series.

The inital price point didn't ruin my interest, it prohibited me from buying it. Selling my wife on a $600 console was not going to happen, especially since i bought a 360 Pro right after the launch of PS3.
You see I thought that the $600 price point was going to be more than a 6 month thing, and actually planned to wait until it reached my price range. I wasn't expecting it to reach that price this quickly.

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1) software BC and a price of $299.


^^thats all I want and I've stated so before. I may not immediately go out and buy it but I would actually make plans for it into my gaming budget at that point.


PS - Out the games you listed the only one that really grabs my interest is LBP. The rest are games I could or could not play but have no strong feelings up or down right now.  But to be fair I'm sort of apathetic about RPGs and Racing games in general...they look interesting and fun but I never really see them as a reason to go out of my way etc..

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Nop, unless five games that are really apealing to me come for the PS3 I'm not going to get one... no matter if it comes with BR-Player, achivements, home...

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What people want for Sony is simple.

1.) More and better games - Exclusives especially

2.) Lower Price

If you already have a PC or Xbox 360 you have 90% of the games coming out for the PS3.

The Wii is doing well for both of these reasons and Xbox 360 is doing well because of point number 2 (compared to PS3).

No, the games I like have yet to be announced. See my current games collection to see some of the games I follow.

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.

This would be quite appealing to me, and I certainly would have a tough choice in front of me wii......or ps3. But since I already have a wii, I wouldn't buy it..... I'm a 1 console kinda guy.