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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - "Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

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What will happen?

Microsoft and FB will disappear. 62 12.16%
Only Microsoft will vanish. 22 4.31%
Only FB will vanish. 102 20.00%
Neither will be erased. 148 29.02%
They both will be erased,... 69 13.53%
No one lives forever. 58 11.37%
Show me the results. 45 8.82%



The man himself:



The president of the Free Software Foundtaion of Europe, Karsten Gerloff, tried to explain that "For Google and Facebook, we're products, not clients", and warns us that those two companies "without any advice, they're giving information away of us to external agents". This is the reason why Gerloff thinks that "Microsoft will vanish in five or ten years, and Facebook will do so in three."

The German expert has also stated that these companies use without any consent the computers of million of users throughout their webs. Due to this manipulation, the Free Software Foundation has created some control structures. "The companies we're talking about follow this pattern: Facebook defines who we are, Amazon expose what we want and Google comprehend what we think".

Once they understood how Internet works, they turned it into an opression tool. "They know we're not free. They're listening to us."

"If Google is planning to survive, it will have to reinvent itself. Microsoft hasn't done that, and that's why it will vanish in five or ten years. I'll give Facebook three years. It's simple math. It happened with MySpace and I know it will happen again."

His foundation has an objective: "Make sure people realize that they can choose which will be tomorrow's technology, and in what kind of world are we going to live in." That's why the expert explains to us that "we have to be always on guard and watch these new systems. You have to ask yourself: who's controlling it?".


EDIT: Sorry, source: (Spanish)


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Just goes to show what these industry experts really know, eh?

3 Years for FB? No way. Maybe in a decade, but not 3 years.

Almost everyone uses Windows, particularly businesses. They aren't going anywhere fast.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I love when people vote but don't comment. :(

Facebook will probably die eventually but definitely not in three years. Even if they screw up everything, it'll take at least five years from now. Microsoft on the other hand isn't going away any time soon, they have their hands in too many things to disappear in ten years. Even if Windows happens to die, it'll take at least five years before it'll lose its dominance in the PC market. They also have other software products, which will also help them. And then there's the Xbox One, which probably won't do that badly. In ten years, there could be signs of MS vanishing if they screw up totally, but they will definitely be around ten years from now.

Facebook will die, but i think it will take more than 3 years

Microsoft will dissappear if they keep making terrible additions to Windows, and no one buys them. and their gaming division is up in the air in terms success

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He's just driving his agenda with absolutely no ideas based on reality.

What a moron...

I would give 7 more years to Facebook and gajillion more years to microsoft.

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not 5-10, will take a lot longer for a massive company like that to just disappear

Socialist gibberish.

They won't vanish, they will just become irrelevant. I see Facebook becoming like myspace in about 5 to 10 years but Microsoft won't disappear while everyone uses Windows.

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