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How much hardware will be sold during Monster Hunters Release(japan only)

250k+ O.o 197 50.26%
225k-250k 23 5.87%
200k-225k 32 8.16%
175k-200k 36 9.18%
150k-175k 18 4.59%
125k-150k 18 4.59%
100k-125k 12 3.06%
80k-100k 15 3.83%
60k-80k 12 3.06%
Too Exicted to answer :S 28 7.14%
Locknuts said:
sales2099 said:
holy shit its coming out so soon?! Forgot completely about this one.

lol 3ds is gonna explode. 2012 had the thriple holiday threat of Mario 3D, Monster Hunter 3, and Mario Kart.

2013 is gonna have MH4 and Pokemon. Nintendo knows how to hit hard when they want to.

And Zelda.

zelda+mario party same day!

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Mmmmm, 1.55 million FW.

2.3 million

Nevermind.  Already voted :P.

kupomogli said:

Nevermind.  Already voted :P.

dont forget to predict hardware sales in my other thread!

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predict hardware sales for 3ds that week here guys!

couple days left o.O

1.45m FW

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700k-900k idk, and i already preorder it.

sepoer said:
700k-900k idk, and i already preorder it.

you live in japan? also, FW has shippments of 1mil-1.5mil. Its gonna sell over 900k