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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ultra Street Fighter IV Announcement Trailer (Updated)

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Nem said:

Ah, i see who she is now! Ingrid was only on capcom fighting Jam. I dont think she has been in a Street fighter game.

Her story does look a bit over the top for street fighter. I am reading she was the cretor of pandora on SF x T. I guess she is a special case. Still beeing an original character she is built into the universe of SF. Asura just doesnt make any sense. Not that i dont think it would be cool though.

She was in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) as a playable character (and is my favorite character in the game next to Ryu and Akuma ;3).


Anyways I still think Asura or whoever it is just gonna be a non-canon character kinda like how SFxTekken is a non-canon game in the Street Fighter universe. They could put a non-canon story between him and Akuma - think of it as a way to entice people to buy the game lol.


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Weedlab said:
Apparently the 5th character won't be announced until the end of the year .... any guesses?

I hope they shove Morrigan in there. She's the only fictional character that manages to give me the boner of the end of the world :'(

I'm getting it. Like most fans of SF4, I'm looking forward to some new content. Fans have been begging Capcom for Elena, Rolento, Poison, and Hugo since the showed up in SFxT. I'll be frank. SFxT has pretty much tanked with the community for various reasons. SF4 is still the main game at EVO. It has more the most entries ever this year.

As for the fifth character, most of us think it's Haggar. Ono has already confirmed that it isn't Asura or BBA Megaman. There are multiple interviews with Capcom floating around. The character has never been "playable" in a SF game before. So that eliminates any prior characters from the series. The fact that Capcom has clarified hat they've never been playable in a SF games lends credence to it being Haggar. He's been in background of a stages in the Alpha and SFIV series but hasn't been playable.

I might buy the ultimate version because I do not own any SF4 version although I have enjoyed AE thoroughly.

Areym said:
I had to see it to believe it. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?

How much longer does Capcom intend to milk this game? Holy shit, this is the greatest milking of all time.

People wanted this. It's not milking. Typical haters.

@OP I will be picking this up when I can.

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arcelonious said:
I imagine most fans are looking forward to an update, and I personally will be upgrading. I think that it is great that Capcom has given players the ability to upgrade their copies (outside of the original SF4), rather than forcing players to buy a new game each year. Just finished watching the Infiltration/PR Balrog Evo match, which was pretty crazy.

omg yessss, same with Chris G/Justin Wong SO HYPE

Why isn't it called Super Street fighter 4 Ultra Arcade Edition 2014? Ridicilous that Capcom shortens the name.. this causes confusion...


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One of the best fighting games of the last 10 years... maybe the best in PlayStation era.

I'm in for sure... I loved SFIV, get the free SSFIV and I plan to buy this new one.


Well it seems like there's some healthy interest in this version. Nice! Glad to see more people plan to get it.


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Ssenkahdavic said:
Street Fighter IV has some serious Udders.

Mooo for me Cammy. Mooo

Hands off my Cammy. Capcom is the king of milking, but yes, I do intend to get it. SFIV is wonderful.