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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ultra Street Fighter IV Announcement Trailer (Updated)

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Xen said:
Ssenkahdavic said:
Xen said:
Ssenkahdavic said:
Street Fighter IV has some serious Udders.

Mooo for me Cammy. Mooo

Hands off my Cammy. Capcom is the king of milking, but yes, I do intend to get it. SFIV is wonderful.


Im Ryu, you are Xen.

Then what does the comic where you're senile and can't recognize your best friend, Ken, have to do with me?

I forgot?

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So when are we having the VGChartz Street Fighter 4 tournament to celebrate?

Areym said:
JWeinCom said:
Areym said:
I had to see it to believe it. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?

How much longer does Capcom intend to milk this game? Holy shit, this is the greatest milking of all time.

It's called DLC, and as far as DLC goes this is not unreasonable.  Fighting games (PSASBR, Marvel) typically sell characters at around 5 bucks a pop.  15 bucks for 5 characters, a couple of stages, costumes, etc etc is really not bad.  If they were selling this only as a stand alone pack (like they did with SSFIV and Ultimate Marvel) you might have a point, but this is fairly reasonable.  I'll be picking it up.

The DLC price is pretty good, i can admit that but they are selling the game again, rebranded Ultra. I believe this is literally the 5th time SFIV has "come out." If people have not picked up the game by now, I really doubt it will get much sales. Then again, the entire game aside from the 5 new people, stages and some modes is basically done so they are just making profit at this point. With how Capcom has handled themselves recently, I almost can't blame them for squeezing arguably their most popular franchise dry.

Street Fighter 4 is a tournament fighter, where the fanbase generally wants updates to the game, whether its for character balance, gameplay fixes, or simply ways to keep it fresh.  The reason why it is marketed with a new moniker each time is because they want to encourage SF4 players to move to where the online and tournament community is headed (i.e., the new update).  While Capcom has done a few things that have made my head turn, as a SF fan, I appreciate their effort in supporting the entry for so long.