Forums - General Discussion - Is the Xbox 360 doing bad in other countries because it's American made?

Yeah you can't deny that the Wii and PS3 are great machines, but in the same respect you can't deny (if you've given the 360 a try anyway) that the 360 is an equally impressive machine.

I have all three systems and they all have something I look for in games. It's a shame if gamers are staying away because of where it's from. I, personally, don't pay attention to where anything is from before I buy it. Whether it be anything from underwear to cars.

Just wanted you guy's honest opinions.


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Maybe because the 360 has lots of violent macho games and the US is a very violent macho culture.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.

I think part of it is that, but mostly it's build quality and marketing. MS just does not promote it outside the US as strong as it should.

In the US, everyone knows it will probably die, but we also know how cool the games on it are. Without marketing, you just know it will probably die. That makes it hard to sell consoles.

The 360 isn't selling in Others because it's never had a real price cut. Plus, shooters aren't very big overseas, and sports games like NFL and basketball aren't huge.

Give it a price cut and you'll see more sales.

Games, price, hardware quality/design, advertising, customer loyalty all matter much much more. IMHO, country of origin is not a major factor.

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I reckon its down to the unreliability and the fact most of the 360's games appeal to american market more than European market.



The whole concept is geared mostly toward North American youth and young adults, preferably males, so the sales stats should be no shocker neither to us nor Microsoft themselves.
Peter Moore actually used to say that this was a point that needed to be improved upon in the core design and overall image of the x-box.
I do expect another X-box, and I expect it to be very different from the 360 and X-box (those two are really the same, only with upgraded hardware and functions, much like the PS3 is really just a more powerful PS2 with added functions).

Combine Mummelmann and Madskillz and you get "MummelSkillz". I think those two sum it up pretty good.


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DSLover said:
I reckon its down to the unreliability and the fact most of the 360's games appeal to american market more than European market.

Enlighten me and please tell me what type of games does the PS3 offer that the 360 does not? I mean, aside from exclusives and that SingPop crap games, I'm pretty sure the 360 offers either the same game or some company spin off that is just as good.

What are you looking at, nerd?