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Forums - Sports Discussion - Will there ever be a team as a "Whole" that is better than the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks?


I cannot remember another team in my lifetime that was as much fun to watch and listen to than the Chicago Blackhawks were this season. I was constantly reading and talking about them. Sure, I listened to every Seattle Mariners game when I was growing up and watched the games when it was on basic cable, but they never won anything big.

The Hawks broke many records. Won their division, won many games in over time so that you never knew what was going to happen. Each series that they played in the play offs was amazing and crazy! Then of course, they won the Stanley Cup!

What a great season! And it was only half a season because they were in a strike. I can only imagine how crazy everything would have been with a full season.


Do you have a team that can top the Hawks? Or do you agree with me?


Here: Read more about them before you go all willy nillly on me and make rash choice.

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