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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Half-Assed Wii U Multi-Plats NEED TO STOP!

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Scisca said:
Zero999 said:
oniyide said:

If anything Watchdogs for WIi U will look closer to the PS360 versions than the PS4/xbone. ANd that a poor comparison anyway since the game and AC4 will most likely just be upressed for the PS4/xbone. If we really wanna get down and compare we got to use teh next gen games that are MADE for those systems, none of this cross gen crap. We have to compare stuff like KZ shadowfall, Infamous SS, Titanfall, etc. to the Wii U exclusives and so far the former looks more visually packing.

either way everything will look similar on the 8th gen due to diminishing returns. ps360 versions will be noticeable inferior but Wii U won't, simple as that.

Dream on. Wii U is much closer to PS360 than to PS4One. I think it will be great if the Wii U version lands half way between the other platforms and is noticeably better looking than PS360, but I can't believe it will ever come close to what PS4One show us.

The difference between Wii u versions and ps4/xone versions will be like medium setings vs high/ultra on pc games. all three have aces to the same moder tools with the difference that wii u has less raw power but we reached a point where it takes a BIG difference in raw power alone to show a decent graphical difference.

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Until nintendo stops selling half assed numbers, third parties won't stop selling half assed. They need to drop the price, but nintendo just won't do it. 

Talal said:
KungKras said:
I'll say here what I commented on the video:

I feel sorry for the naivety of the guy in the video. He still thinks the CEO's and the engineers in those companies are just that stupid.

He doesn't realize that it's not about testing the waters. It's about giving investors an excuse to never have to develop for Nintendo again.

What's the motive?

To destroy one of their most powerful publishing rivals and bring to heel the only hardware manufacturer they don't already firmly control.

"The worst part about these reviews is they are [subjective]--and their scores often depend on how drunk you got the media at a Street Fighter event."  — Mona Hamilton, Capcom Senior VP of Marketing
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Aielyn said:
oniyide said:
you can throw quotes at me all day, they dont prove nothing since I never said any of them. ANd you forget all those series you mentioned had a GRADUAL increase, none of those games blew up overnight, there were like 5 different CODs before it got super big.

Show me a series that went on a hiatus forever, had one game that needed like 6 diffirent platforms to get 2.5 mil then doubled those numbers on even less platforms for the sequel? We are going to have to agree to disagree. I could go with 3 mil combined hardware, maybe 1 mil for either PS3 or Wii U (yeah i know that it was made for WIi U, but fact is this series is favored in Europe, a region that SOny has on lock, look at origin numbers), but 5 mil? LOL no,

Best CoD before Modern Warfare was CoD 3, which sold 7.3 million across four platforms. Modern Warfare sold 8.9 million on Xbox 360 alone, and sold 18.8 million across 5 platforms.

Meanwhile, I find it hilarious that you place the requirement that it have been on hiatus, then had a new game that was on a heap of platforms, and THEN needs to sell significantly more on the next outing. Basically, you've actively sought to remove any possible example. So now I'll challenge you:

Show me a series that went on a hiatus forever, had one game that needed like 6 different platforms to get 2.5 mil then failed to double those numbers on fewer platforms for the sequel?

But then, perhaps this is indeed a difference of opinion. I am of the opinion that a quality game can sell beyond what previous games in the franchise sold, and that if it's good enough, it'll break records for its franchise. And that this can happen with one game if it's a strong enough title, in the right context. I am also of the opinion that, given the context for Rayman Legends prior to the delay, it was one such game.

@so you couldnt find any examples and thats my point, right there there are none. If we are not counting the 3d ones, the last Rayman game 2d besides Origins was the original for PS1, how much of those people stuck around? Hell for all intents purposes its pretty much a revamp and almost a new IP. COD released CONSISTENTLY, thats one of the reasons it it where it is, you dont get 5 mil from a series that was on hiatus forever.

It is a difference of opinion and IMHO of reality there are MANY games that were just as good as their predecessors but did not do as good as them. Series stangnation and what not. Again i dont believe Rayman legends was going ot be such a game, just looking at preorder numbers prior, which were abysmal. Especially if it would have stayed exclusive, now it could do as well as Origins and a little better, but realeasing on two platforms with small install bases, two other platforms that are on its way out, with GTA5 competition? Its not looking rosy, especially at that price which Origins tell me that most people arent going to buy that game at that price 40 max

Talal said:
KungKras said:
Talal said:
KungKras said:

Third parties want hardware makers that pays for their development and are easy to manipulate.

Nintendo is customer focused and not industry focused, so they naturally hate Nintendo.

You can't really blame them then. Obviously I'm gonna support the ones that treat me best.

Of course I can. If the industry was customer focused itself, gaming wouldn't be crap toaday.

It isn't crap. That's just your opinion.

As opposed to.... your opinion?