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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why did Kingdom Hearts skip current gen ?

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Well I seem to remember a while back.. a long while back.. that Square Enix basically said they would do a Kingdom Hearts once they were done with Final Fantasy and other projects... if I had to hamper a guess.. I think Square still has that attitude.. for all we know a KH3 has been in the works all generation in some form or another.. but they are just now.. really starting to show it off.. and take it seriously... I think it's going to be years... before you will see another Kingdom Hearts because of their priority series.. (Final Fantasy) I also think by the time it comes out.. they might be forced to make it for all 3 consoles.. (Which is why I don't mind it taking so long) Square can sit back right now.. and take a look at how the current gen is unfolding.

Nintendo Wii by generations...

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Predictions made by gamers concerning the current Nintendo line up of games.

Pikmen 3= Little Bump to nothing. (Got Little Bump)

Wind Waker HD= Won't sell anything (The explosion happened here and at one time 4 Wii U games was in the Amazon top 100)

Super Mario 3D World= Won't help at all looks cheap. (Currently the most sought after Wii U game and continuing the Wii U increase.)

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It skipped cause Nomura had to finish versus XIII first (his word), and FFvsXIII was delayed because of FFXIV flop, wich is because FFXIII lacked content too.

It's not only Kingdom Hearts. It's the whole Squaresoft that skipped a generation

SnowPrince said:

We had plenty of other FF, *lightning says hi*.

Well, yeah. And the reason they've all been FFXIII is because of asset reuse. That cuts down on development time a lot.

Because Square's an idiot and has done $#!t all this gen.

V-r0cK said:
Because Square's an idiot and has done $#!t all this gen.

Yeah right, and more importantly will delay games to god knows when. game's no longer interested as it was 7+ years before. SE expresses disappointment towards game's sales.

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Blame Final Fantasy XV.