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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official Mario Kart 8 Thread - Open To Random Online Races!


Your MK8 Rating

10 542 46.85%
9 350 30.25%
8 109 9.42%
7 27 2.33%
6 10 0.86%
5 9 0.78%
4 1 0.09%
3 22 1.90%
There shouldn't be any l... 64 5.53%
NintendoPie said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

Kart customization and Miiverse weren't silly! 12 players is notable because MK7 only had 8, and 4 local players is notable because many thought it'd atleast support 5 with the game pad and all.

Well MiiVerse of course wasn't, but capturing MK was! And I forgot to differentiate that MK7 had Kart Customization, Wii.

Do you think they might expand on the Kart Customization aspect, though? I say, not much.

Of course they will, they have Bikes again!

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I wouldnt buy a console for it but I already have one anyway

                       Thanks Blacksaber for the sig                  Tag:"Nintendo es toda la diversión de esta generación"

Mario Kart 8 looks really good but for me it's not a reason to buy a WiiU. I will save all the money I can get to buy a PS4...

Oh, and this'll be the first game I get to go along with the Wii U whenever I decide to pick it up, which definitely wont be this year now that MK8 is a 2014 release.

I found this! Hope the link works!

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Was the best of the conference.

In an hour or two I'ma go on a Mario Kart 7 marathon in preperation for tomorrow! I wanna make sure I wreck everyones face hehe. Lemme know if anyone wants to join in!

Einsam_Delphin said:
I found this! Hope the link works!

Wow the game looks fantastic!

Signature goes here!

Some more gameplays!

TruckOSaurus said:
Einsam_Delphin said:
I found this! Hope the link works!

Wow the game looks fantastic!

It is fantastic! I know I'm saying that without having played the game yet, but there's just no way it could be anything less! The game shall prove that to me tomorrow! ^_^