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When will you be getting the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros?

Day 1 94 55.62%
In October 9 5.33%
Before the end of the year 10 5.92%
In 2015 2 1.18%
Never, I'm waiting for the Wii U version 52 30.77%
RealGamingExpert said:

Smash Run won't support online play:

Wow, I'm surprised. That was one of the main reasons I considered getting the 3DS version.

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People honestly seem a bit bored with the 3ds version when playing it for some reason :---/ wii u version 4 the win

Then anyone else

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Okay, I'm hyped.
And I'll be maining Ness (hopefully he is buffed), but I'll try the newcomers as well.

Impossible to tell now, but I played a mean Mr. Game & Watch in Brawl, so I will definitely be using him a lot.

Personally I am extremely satisfied with the roster. I thought the roster wouldn't go that much past 35, but seeing it at nearly 50 has me excited!

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ktay95 said:
noname2200 said:
TruckOSaurus said:

From what I heard (didn't see it first hand) Dark Pit has at least a different Side-B.

I thought his moves were largely identical, but that he had a different Final Smash?

In either case, I agree with the original sentiment, and would have preferred someone else if possible.

What other clone would you have preffered??

Fox. OBviously.

My thoughts on the roster are mixed.

On one hand, I love a lot of the newcomers. Mainly Little Mac, Mega Man, Robin, Palutena, Shulk. And I'll probably enjoy playing as Duck Hunt Dog.

That being said, there were some curious additions to the roster. I don't like that Toon Link came back. They really could've used that slot for either Wolf Link/Midna, or Zant, or Ghirahim.

I'll wait for judgement on Dark Pit, cause it seems he's not an exact clone, but close.

Dr. Mario and Lucina are kind of frustrating. The former more than the latter. Lucina is a descendant of Marth, and thus should know some moves from him, but the exact same? And when Sakurai confirmed she was a clone with a different center of attack, that kind of blew my mind. They could've just had both her and Chrom be an alt skin for Marth instead of taking up a spot like that.

Dr. Mario honestly has no excuse to be on this roster. There's no way fans wanted him more than Mewtwo.

Am I disappointed in the roster? No. Cause we got some really fun new characters to play as. But, it really could've been much more, and really showed off the history of Nintendo. Especially if they add characters like Isaac, maybe Krystal, or how about Bomberman for a third party character?

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My main since the beginning - NESS!!!! Looking forward to using Mega Man, Robin, and Dog/Duck as well.

benao87 said:
ninjaman003 said:
Does anybody else think that there will be Wii U exclusive characters. This is the first time it's possible, so no one would expect it; perfect Sakurai material. and even more, It will give people a reason to pick up the Wii U version if they only have the 3ds version.

Didn't they said that both versions were going to have the same characters? I'd say that by the time they release the WIiU game, there will be more playable characters and are going to release free DLC for the 3DS one.


Oh, and I've always played with Sheik, I guess that's where I'll start.

I think they said it, but it might have just been implied it. We'll see, wouldn't be suprised either way.

Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
Then anyone else

Did you forget Lucina?

OT: I realized I never said who I would main! I have always used Link so I will try to main him again, but I may play around with Bowser since I used him in the beginning of Melee.