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Acevil said:
Xen said:
CGI-Quality said:
Xen said:
CGI-Quality said:
My two pals, Xen and Zexen! Welcome back, ol' friends!


How'd you enjoy Quantic's demonstration and Watch Dogs? Nice sig, by the way.

Those were highlights of the show for me. And thank you, on the sig

Yup, remembering your tastes, I thought so exactly :)

My highlights are Watch_Dog and actually trying to be optimistic about Final Fantasy again. 

I know that feel.

But an FF fan is not one if he/she are not optimistic >.<

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theprof00 said:
wow what's with all these old members showing up!? Nice to see you guys again! It's been so long!

I swear it was not coordinated at all.


What an event! Shocked at the price. how do you compete with that.

El Duderino said:

And yet, some remember you... :P

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El Duderino said:

haha love the user name man

In-Kat-We-Trust Brigade!

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El Duderino said:

And look who else decided to show his face

For the amount of content Sony had showcased, the conference was just brilliant.

You have to consider that new games from SM, MM, and most probably from Naughty Dog are in development, but they were not shown because Sony mostly focused on the early days of PS4.

After the return of FFXV, and since there was a recent update from Fumito Ueda, The Last Guardian is certain to happen.

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