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Agente42 said:

all the market bet against the leader. And we have this depressing results.

The situation is pretty similar to last handheld generation. Vita had more 3rd party support in Japan, it was just a larger quantity of smaller games.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
If it were in the whole country the way it is at COMGet, then Switch would be dead in the water in Japan and the PS4 reign supreme.

And the whole country would be in a video game industry crash to rival the one in '83.

NSW - 13
PS4 - 7

Total: 332 (-273 WoW)

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Marth said:

NSW - 13
PS4 - 7

Total: 332 (-273 WoW)

That drop of SD Gundam, ouch!

Seems like RFA is bottoming out, that's probably as much as Nintendo can ship right now.

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FF7R finally makes a point...

At this rate, I'm not even sure it can breach the 200 points

The game comes out in 3 months not next week, don't be good at going out that kind of bullshit.

I really don't feel that FF VII at this rate ... Oh well it could just be a COMG thing though so we'll see.

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FFVII has three months, it can definitely pull 200 points. It'll just probably spend the next two months getting very few points, the last month getting a decent chunk, and then a last two week sprint of hype.

That said I do wish some of the users that did the nice comparison charts were still here, like the nice one that compared FFXV with some of PS4's other biggest point getters, or the one that compared it with other FFs, showing that in the PS4 era FF games seem to have an initial burst, a long slow trickling climb in the middle, then a final burst, instead of the accelerating curve upwards that you used to see.