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Megiddo said:
Holiday boosts will be for Switch evergreens and have nothing to do with pre-order numbers.

Yeah there is literally nothing noteworthy releasing between now and Christmas

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Wow. We have one game with 5 points and another with 6 points and both release in just 2 days. I'm not sure if the charts have ever looked so desolate.

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Games are still trickling out every week this month. Still 10 December SKUs on the charts and a few more just below the charts. If COMG repeats the pattern of recent years in 2020, and mostly declines from the new year to a nadir in April or May...yikes...

Games with low points is better than no games I suppose.

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Farsala said:
Games with low points is better than no games I suppose.

Imagine seeing the games that are below the 4 points in the chart ...

We're gonna live a new experience on this thread !

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