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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U owners: What is your favorite reason for liking Wii U?


What is your favorite reason for liking Wii U?

Fast in game web browser 6 2.18%
Off screen play 63 22.91%
Touch screen controls 15 5.45%
Nintendo games in HD 107 38.91%
ZombiU 3 1.09%
Backwards compatibility 7 2.55%
Gamepad is a TV/TVii remote 4 1.45%
Touch control 0 0%
Affordable external storage 1 0.36%
see results 69 25.09%

Probably off-tv play. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't even be able to use it right now.

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all of those things
- For me the draw is the huge amount of potential the Wii U has for new and innovative methods of play. New ways to enjoy gameplay. There is so much potential with the gamepad, 3ds connectivity, miiverse, etc. etc.

- Also that X trailer

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RolStoppable said:
NSMBU. It's the only reason.

No ZombiU?

I'll be getting a WiiU soon, but the more I look at it the more I realize there's absolutely no reason to own it yet. I looked at its game list, and it has one (maybe 2 if you could ZombiU) game(s) worth having on it that you can't get elsewhere, and the hardware is barely better than PS360 hardware.

I'm about to order one because I know Nintendo WILL bring the love, but it's just not there yet. Hell, I wanted Rayman Legends, but even that's just a port now (original port, but still a port.)

I love Nintendo and have full faith in them, but like the 3DS's first year, there's a very good reason why the console is failing so miserably right now, and that reason is lack of games. Hell, the VITA had a better LAUNCH than the WiiU is having a first YEAR so far, and yet I'll probably be banned for saying that.

im surprised by the amount who choose "nintendo games in hd" in poll. the only one out now is NSMBU which means the majority favorite reason for liking Wii U is the anticipation they get or the hope of a solid promise. I have been enjoying my Wii U "as is" since november with no drought.

NSMBU, ZombiU, Lego City were all top notch. Batman AC and Darksiders II used touch screen. All the while I have been playing with the features in the poll making the lack of nintendo games in hd un noticable. It will be nice when they come but Im happy being in the present not from staring in the horizon.

ps. i should have put monster hunter in poll.

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It's made by Nintendo

Considering the fact that we only have one Nintendo game worth playing (Mario Bros. U), the primary beneft of the system for me is the ability to play it off screen which, effectively, lets me play two games at once. By having Mario or Call of Duty running on the gamepad, my TV is free for Xbox and PC. Obviously, I can't play two games at once, but many games have downtime long enough where I can get a level of Mario in or a round of CoD. Also, it is a welcome diversion from whatever game I am playing (very few games remain fun for 4-5 hours at a time).

The TV remote function works surprisingly well (much better than my current remote even since it did not need programming to work). It is a nice lttle extra function that really should be in place on all next generation controllers. I shouldn't need two devices to adjust the volume while I am playing.

In the near future, my reasons for owning a Wii U will likely expand as we get a bunch of new 1st party games.

Off tv play
Fast browser
Zombi U
Lego City
HD graphics
Nintendo first party titles
E shop
Touch screen controls
Endless possibilities for local multiplayer
Multimedia functions

For Monster Hunter...

Speaking of which, why am I on here when I should be leveling up?

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Favorite reason? Nintendo's games.

Most used function so far? The browser. Seriously, for someone without a tablet, the Gamepad truly is a great browsing device to use around the house.