Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Gamecube Games become Wii U Virtual Console Titles? Is it possible?

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Hopefully. Gamecube is one of my favorite consoles and I'd like to see it on the virtual console.

it would be nice. I missed a lot of gamecube titles because i was poor. Paper Mario, Viewtiful Joe, Metal gear and baton katos would be great if i could play on my wii u

I would hope so, otherwise I'll have to buy a Wii to run GC games. Either way I don't mind. GC has some great software and I'm sure I can get some of them cheap on Amazon.



Scratch that. After looking at the prices I much rather GC on VC.


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Mostly likely, Iwata and Reggie mention it but said they have no plan for it now. I sort of hope they start putting Wii games on the eshop same with DS games for the 3DS.

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Well, the only thing stopping them is the possibility to remake the games in HD and with new features. If the old versions are available these new versions will be less successful.

unlikely, but my fingers are crossed

Not going to happen, not powerful enough to emulate it without massive investment - which we all know Nintendo doesn't do.

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It definately is. I spend a bit of my time on the forum where many homebrew developers reside, one of them is the developer of the homebrew app "Devolution". Devolution is a GCN backup loader for the Wii, which requires the actual game disk in the DVD drive to prevent piracy. A problem is that certain versions of the Wii (the black model) do no longer have ports for Gamecube controllers or memory card slots, rendering these models unfit for the app. Since many people bugged the dev with these issues he already has found a way to emulate the memory card from SD and posted he made good progress with emulating the GCN controller using a Dual Shock 3 (aka PS3 controller). Once he figured out a piracy protection for the WiiU he will also release Devolution on it.

-> Gamecube games on the WiiU are 100% possible, it is purely Nintendo's decision whether they want them on VC or not.

Nothing stopping Nintendo from releasing the games on VC.