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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Is Kinect the future of gaming?

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Is Kinect the future of gaming/

Yes 19 14.50%
No 64 48.85%
Is this a serious question? 48 36.64%

Kinect is a fun device that really offers some great new gameplay mechanics. It is a great addition, but not the single input device of the future.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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i never understood the hate for the kinect, why do you guys believe that motion controls and traditional gamepad cant coexist, comment after comment goes on to say on how the future is doom, is it because you believe that the continued success of the kinect will mean that traditional controllers will disappear, that somehow in the immediate future no developer will make a game requiring the use of a traditional gamepad? I cant believe people are that dumb so there must be another reason, except i cant figure it out. I still remember watching my old man playing against my little niece in wii sports and seeing them both having a blast. I for one hope kinect is the future, because as the tech gets better and better theres no telling who will be able to enjoy video gaming. Cant wait for future day when my old ass is able to play against my little grand daughter while my son gets to enjoy the use of the latest dualshock 20

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lol no, we saw the limitations in which kinect can be applied

I seriously hope not.

JoeTheBro said:
The future is smartglass.

You mean the Wii U Gamepad?

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Zappykins said:
kain_kusanagi said:

I use it every day too, "Xbox Play".

And I think it's more fun to go, "Xbox, Bing, Find me that show I want to watch." than tap, tap, tap, stuff in the  keyboard.  I think the more people that try it the more people like it.

lol its better now i remember when i first got it i was like xbox bing dammit jennifer lopez

Gaming in general? No.

It will always be an option though, from now on. The tech is getting better, its handy for navigating menus and has gameplay "perks" for certain stuff.

It will take over the fitness and dance genres.

Its a gigantic success.


Motion control maybe, Full boby control? definately not

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VGKing said:
JoeTheBro said:
The future is smartglass.

You mean the Wii U Gamepad?

If you can stick it in your pocket and then use it again 100 miles away then sure, I mean the gamepad.