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What should be Sony next pack in game in NA.  I know most would say something like MGS4 or Uncharted but I think they should go with Ratchet & Clank Future:TOD.  The reason is becuase they all but hit the core market now, especially with the MGS4 and GTA4 coming out.  But I think they need to start thinking about family/kids focus marketing.  I mean its been said before that R&C look like a Pixar movie.  In fact they should do that.  They should package R&C and Ratatouille on Blu Ray and call it the something like the Family Pack.  Sell with the 40gig price point.  That will get the parents looking at the console...

I'm just saying...

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they should pack in Folklore!

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it should come with either R&C + Pirates 3


Unchartered with "300"


Heavenly Sword + R:FoM (I mean, it's been forever, the game should be pretty cheap to pack it in by now)

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Either Ratchet and clank,or Folklore....Folklore sounds like a good idea to me



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While Folklore the game itself is (Loading) quite entertaining, do you believe that (Loading) a game that is (Loading) horrible (Pause) at loading (Loading) a good introduction to (Loading) what you can (Loading) expect from the Ps3?

I'd vote for Ratchet if they need something new.

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Oh. Some hate for Folklore from Fuzzy.

Anyways, I like that idea of a family pack.

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Let it be known I was quite enamoured of the gameplay.

Can you figure out what I fucking hated? Thank you.

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yeah, the family pack would be a good idea. though I'd like to see uncharted bundled as well...

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