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Forums - Website Topics - Aw, they banned Kwaad

You guys didn't have to ban Kwaad. He was like a Cheers regular. I'm gonna miss the guy. Can you give him one more chance? But folks don't get sucked into his obvious "S" disturbing. Just put down a reasonable reply and move on.Like I said we gotta remember some of us posters here are children & teenagers. They might not have the experience to know how to discuss civilly. We have to teach them this. (Well Kwaad was low 20 something but that's college age so it still sort of applies)

Free James Brown?

Free Kwaad. Who's with me?

Seriously, just give him another chance. It's just not the same without the green elf.

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Yeah I,m with you. Kwaad proped up the boards. This place will just be a Wii-fest and a shoulder patting session without him.

Serioulsy? They banned Kwaad again?

Last time it was for BS reasons... some mod going on a power trip.

I hope that the same thing didn't happen...

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Thank God.

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finally, he's had a ban coming for a long time.  I don't know exactly the reason, but i could come up with a bunch of times he wrote flamebait posts since the last time he was banned.  Hopefully when he comes back he will learn his lesson, but i doubt it.

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Kwaad has been banned for a week and when he's back we are operating a one strike and you're out system. No more second chances, he keeps crossing the line and keeps plunging the forum into chaos and I don't want it any more. Ok?

This sounds good ioi, a strict line will be good for the forums, but i also think that kwaad should be given another chance. Is it the same with hus? I think he is different, i wouldn't care if you banned him permanent.

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I agree with ioi. I'm okay with giving Kwaad another chance, but if he does stuff like that again, he's just asking for a perma-ban.

Sound reasonable. Although I don't think Kwaad is 1/10 as bad a Hus. That guy just brings hate and little else.

ugh, can you at least tell us exactly why he got banned? what's with all the vague language? what is this, the Bush administration?

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