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Forums - Movies Discussion - Finding Dory Announced! (Finding Nemo 2!) (Not April Fool's joke)

NintendoPie said:
Augen said:

I admire Pixar for exciting me with new ideas and pushing themselves and not giving into Disney's direct to video pressure and rewriting and saving Toy Story 2.  it was an attitude of doing things the hard way for the sake of better film making.  I consider them on par with Ghibli in respect to their craft.

The issue with sequels is "why?" as Pixar films tend to have a message, a theme and memorable visuals and characters.  I hope I am wrong, but in an animated field in the west littered with meidocrity I'd hate to see Pixar descend into it.

If they can make three movies out of the Toy Story series then I think they should be able to at leat make two for each of their IP's. I think they can do it, and do it well.

We shall see.  Setting my expectations low and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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What is that sig about above me>? Finding Nemo was the start of Pixar for me, besides the Toy Story movies. It is when it became big for me. I think this will be good.

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I loved finding Nemo, but 2015 is so far away :(

AlphaCielago said:
Panama said:
I feel like the only Pixar film that needs a sequel and doesn't seem like it will ever get one is The Incredibles.

So much this. The Incredibles was such an amazing movie and I would gladly accept it.

Oh yes, I totally agree! That's the one Pixar movie I'd always wanted to see a sequel of! I seemed so perfectly positioned to be getting at least one, too. So weird it hasn't happened, yet.

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